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Mundane Rule Summary

*Note: 05-20-2014 - Mundane rule was relaxed to allow new players to have some non-mundane liberties with their first character. However, non-mundane characters take longer to approve and vet. For the fastest, and easiest character approvals, we still recommend a full 'mundane' character.

Rules are as follows:

  1. Must be under 30 on the GT.
  2. They must make any changes the reviewer asks them to make. No ifs, ands, or buts. New players can post an explanation of why they set up their characters a certain way, but if the reviewer still insists, they must make that change.
  3. Any aggressive arguments will cause us to reject the character immediately.
  4. They must be willing to endure a wait of a few weeks for approval, especially if the character is complex.
  5. Characters cannot be: Experts of any Field, Significant leadership positions, or Military Roles (Unless the player was actually in the military)
  6. Characters that come in cursed need to have a reasonable backstory. Be prepared to explain that one in depth. For example, if your character is cursed to be a werecreature, the explanation of how they got cursed is just as important as everything about the curse.
  7. No extreme scores on the GT. For Example, no one with the highest will score, no one with the highest intelligent score.
  8. This is only good for one character. If the first character posted does not qualify, a second posted character must follow the original mundane rule.
  9. First characters cannot be distinctly unique or a "special snowflake." No "chosen ones". No characters that are cursed/blessed/talented/born in a way that they are a: rare kind/race, one of a kind, the "only one", special/unique in a supernatural, technological or metaphysical way.

Please note that if you are attempting a non-mundane as your first character, you will only get one (1) character attempt. If you discard the character prior to approval and start a new one, you will will have to follow the 'original' mundane rules as set forth below. It is highly recommended that you read recent approved mundane and non-mundane characters and see what sort of quality and detail are generally required at each level in order to be approved.

Important factors to keep in mind when you are making your character:

  1. Kaerwyn is not a combat heavy RP. Character interactions are more important to us than fighting skills, magical abilities, curses, etc. So put more effort into the backstory than physical descriptions, skill listings, and personality.
  2. All skills, abilities, curses, and anything scored on the God Test need to be explained in the backstory. If you gave your character fighting skills, that needs to be explained in both the skill section, and the backstory for why s/he has it.
  3. For people that are Transformation fans, Kaerwyn is not a primarily transformation RP site. We do have transformation plots - but they're usually a small part of the plot and rarely the focus of the plot by itself.
  4. For characters that are unique among their world/people (Such as characters that are cursed, werecreatures, etc) you need to provide the explanation for that as well! And everything you do needs to make logical sense in both the world and character history!
  5. If you already have a character from other RPs, stories, headspace, etc - Don't apply with that character at first. It never works out. They're rarely approved as is, and most people don't like the idea of changing their original characters. Wait until you've been part of the RP for a while to see how it runs, then submit the character. You'd have a better chance to get it through as-is then.
  6. Roleplaying is a team sport, characters that are team players, have social skills, and are willing and able to interact with other characters will be more useful and get more play than any 'lone wolf' style characters that are all about themselves and no one else, or characters with limited means of communications. This is also just annoying for other players. You can't solo this RP!

What Does "Mundane" Mean?

"of or relating to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly:"

New players to Kaerwyn are required to have their first submitted CS be "mundane" in nature, to allow for rapid approval and let them get into the RP of Kaerwyn as quickly as possible. After this first CS, when the player is more well versed and confident in Kaerwyn's rules and setting, they are welcome to work on and submit more complex and fantastical characters.

This is not to say that a mundane character needs to be boring! They simply are not permitted to be magical or supernatural in nature or origin. Mundane characters are also not permitted to be experts in terms of skills, but they can still be good at whatever it is they do, they are just not permitted to be 'the best'. Your character should also not be military unless under certain conditions.

Mundane Races

To keep things simple, only two races are available for mundane characters. Humans, and Anthros.

  • Humans: This doesn't mean "humanoids", but humans as all us players are. The distinction that makes a human mundane becomes clearer in the actual God Test of the character.
  • Anthros: The definition of an "Anthro" as applies to Kaerwyn is: "a humanoid displaying animalistic, dominant physical features to distinguish them as a particular species of animal". Typically, this means: fur, ears, tail, wings (instead of arms), claws/teeth, digigrade stance (a distinction of the shaping of the legs), and/or facial reshaping (muzzle, eye placement, etc). This race has a slight advantage over humans on what is allowed by the God Test, but almost never is capable of qualifying for Above Human Strength/Agility.

Character History

This is quite an important part of all CS's, however there are some elements of the history that might make it difficult to pass the mundane rule. Specifically, any non-mundane events (Such as magical disasters, or anything that greatly impacts the character) will not be allowed as a mundane. Even if the character is a mundane in their current state, having a huge non-mundane event as a significant part of their backstory will not be allowed.

Examples of history elements that would NOT be permitted:

Ex: The character was a very powerful sorceress that was punished by being changed into a dog and stripped of all her power. She is currently just a talking dog, with no powers whatsoever.

Ex: The character was a regular guy, but he was cursed by a mage to be an anthro skunk and ward away any tresspassers. He has no knowledge of his true past or history, but he is nothing more than a generic anthro skunk with some fighting abilities.

Mundane characters may come from magical worlds or worlds where supernatural or magical forces exist, but they just cannot have a major magical event or trauma that affected their lives.


None. These abilities apply for Magical and Psychic abilities, and by their very definition are not mundane. So this is fairly simple.

  • Caveat: There are a few mundane abilities that people prefer to list in the Abilities section. This is perfectly fine.


Your character should have skills that would reflect an average to slightly above average competency for whatever it is that they do for a living, or are trained in. That means we don't want "experts" in any particular field. A character can be really good at something, but not expert level. Consider what the base line for a competent employee in a particular type of employment might be, historical or mundane, and use that as a guide.

This will likely be what trips up a lot of CS's for approval even with the mundane rule. So try to keep this neat, tidy, logical, and to the point.


Items and equipment the character has must also be normal. This means non-magical, or uber technological in nature. The main thing that matters here is the logic behind how they got them.

Characters are allowed some type of armor, so long as it is not tech or magic enhanced. This means kevlar bulletproof vests probably won't make it in. But toughened leather armor or chainmail (or similar in protective ability) would be okay.

Some common modern day technology is okay, on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, any easily accessible laptops, PDAs, cellphones, small portable storage devices and music players are fine.

Tools: It is unlikely that a character would have a large variety of tools on their person when they are rifted in. However, smaller multitools (like swiss army knives, etc) are generally fine. One or two common tools that might be found on a toolbelt may be acceptable as well (Such as hammer, wrench and screwdriver). The more complex or 'useful' you make these tools, the less likely they will fall under the Mundane Rule.


Mundane characters can have some basic mundane weapons. This includes common melee weapons and handguns. Along with the skills, they can't be experts using this weapon, but they are allowed some degrees of skill. They are not allowed to be extremely proficient with a variety of weapons. Mundane Rule characters are not allowed to have high powered, high tech, or magically influenced weaponry.

God Test Score Examples

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