Kaerwyn is an IRC-based collaborative fantasy role-playing game set in an infinite multiverse filled with danger, discovery, and high adventure. With its robust, engaged playerbase and an endless parade of engaging plots and situations, there's always something to do and another story to help create.

Forged in the center of the infinite multiverse by the mysterious beings known as the "Dragons", Kaerwyn is the gateway to all worlds. Mortals find themselves plucked from their lives in the infinite expanse of time and space, only to land in this crossroad of crossroads. Why were they brought here? For what unknowable purpose did the Dragons make this odd land? The mysteries lie undiscovered...for now.

Upon the fulcrum that is Kaerwyn lies the fate of mortals. Where they would be doomed to a quiet existence or pushed into certain greatness on other worlds, all things may change at the center of existence. Heroes become villains, peasants become kings, and the actions of one may sway the future of entire worlds.

The wayward mortals of Kaerwyn are not alone, however. Danger has followed from all corners of the multiverse, brandishing deadly technological weaponry, terrible magic, and ruthless cunning. With no one but themselves, the various peoples of Kaerwyn must struggle to remain together or be torn apart by the perils resident in the world itself.

There are some who are so restless as to not remain hidden behind their village walls. They dare to answer the call to adventure and travel to exotic worlds where new dangers and delights await. These brave few might fight angry gods on one world, only to behold the steel spires of advanced cities on another. Sometimes, the call to adventure is so strong that even the most cautious are swept away, with the reins of fate thrust into their hands and given no choice but to steer the fortunes of others onto a new path.

Since 2002, Kaerwyn has been a diverse community of active, engaged players deeply committed to quality creative development and gameplay. New players are always accepted, whether they be absolutely new to online collaborative freeform roleplaying or years-long veterans from other communities. Don't be shy: Use the menu in the upper left and join us!