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  1. Out of Breath

    The electrical feeling faded, and the brief respite of silence ended. The ship groaned, metal snapping and breaking somewhere in a horrendous cacophony of noise. Trevis was thrown hard against his restraints as the ship went wherever it was going to go. The gravity generators must be out, or otherwise not compensating for the movement. Someone screamed in terror. Maybe it was him? He didn't know.

    He tried to steady himself against his console, trying to make out just how badly ...
  2. Surprise Attack

    The ship drifted along quietly; a tiny speck of dust compared to the gas giant it orbited. Trevis stood in the navigation room; the ship was on autopilot at the moment, so he wasn’t particularly needed at the helm. And the facilities here helped him plot out orbital corrections.

    As with many things in this war, their tasks in this system had become somewhat more complicated than initially planned. One of the weaker royalist factions had maintained a fueling outpost here, mining ...
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  3. Elsewhere in the Multiverse


    Isabella was writing in a notebook. Several others laid open in front of her. She was trying to map out The Library. Its been a years-long project and it still felt no closer to being completed than when she started.


    She knew if she found ‘pleasure island’, a term given by some of the staff to where you were most likely to find porn, then she could get a straight shot to the sports almanacs, detailing records of every sport and ...
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  4. an interesting week

    this last week has been...crazy to say the least. Last Thursday, I found myself in some different universe that I somehow entered while hunting a deer. as soon as I crossed into Kaerwyn I could feel something in the woods watching me so I took of to the nearest light source, it ended up being a tavern, this is where I first learned about what happened... let's just say I was in for a big surprise. That night I met Lindsey and Mungo it was a real shock to the system meeting a talking wolf man. Of ...
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  5. goals for Shayne

    1. reach Fegov Endai (completed)
    2. catch up with Lindsey
    3. get some more clothes (completed)
    4. learn more about Kaerwyn (completed)
    5. get a job (completed)
    6. explore the woods
    7. beat Pitch in a race

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