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  1. (03a) The Guest Programme.

    [The following is a transcription of the remains of a glass record labeled "Interview with (unintelligible). E.O.T. Guest Programme year one”, rescued from Aden's archives. The two people talking are Mikhail Sinnilar (age 71) and Mariana Aidichi (age 19).]

    -”Is that thing on?”

    “It is, Mr. Sinnilar”

    -“Good, let’s get this done, I doubt ya wanna hear an old man rumbling about the past, and, uh, it’s been ages since I went out. Hasn’t ...
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  2. Rufus: Rewritten

    (I've decided to create a new world and rewrite Rufus as a character. It's likely that he will still be a ball and chain character since I feel that is probably unavoidable when you are creating a character who is predominantly just a domesticated animal, but much of the ideas, especially his backstory and all, will fundamentally change. Since I want to put a bit more effort and care into this, I'm going to slowly develop the character sheet here on my blog and add to or change it as I develop ...