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  1. Surprise Attack

    The ship drifted along quietly; a tiny speck of dust compared to the gas giant it orbited. Trevis stood in the navigation room; the ship was on autopilot at the moment, so he wasn’t particularly needed at the helm. And the facilities here helped him plot out orbital corrections.

    As with many things in this war, their tasks in this system had become somewhat more complicated than initially planned. One of the weaker royalist factions had maintained a fueling outpost here, mining ...
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  2. Meanwhile, on Errux...

    Uncatalogued Barren Cavern
    Somewhere in ITR Borderlands


    The cave's depths redefined deepness and revealed new shades of darkness as Reen'ktan followed Vazto ever further into the network of half-hewn passageways. What were once occasional pools of breathless, poisonous air became massive reservoirs of invisible, silent death. Such was the miracle of plundered RDL technology that he could smell ...
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  3. A coffee shop

    A cacophony of voices echoes through the back of the man's mind; debating and weighing a number of choices. It was still odd to hear the question of what to do with the humans - he had, until a few years ago, counted himself among them. And he would often advocate on their behalf due to this; few of them had the cybernetics necessary to participate in this discussion - and even of those who did, they were forced to throw their whole mind at the task, when they conversed. To Prescott and the others ...
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  4. Who Am I?

    Who am I?

    The answer seems simple. I'm Lindsey Kelsey Stelzer.

    But...who IS Lindsey Kelsey Stelzer?

    ANd that's where I'm having trouble.

    See, I'm a lot of things. I'm all of them, none of them, somewhere in between. At some times I take a role that's needed at the time. While I couldn't list them all here...

    I'm Lindsey, the store clerk. And I'm Lindsey, the trainee META asset. I'm also Lindsey, Kaerwyn's big sister. Lindsey, ...
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  5. Meanwhile, on Errux...

    RDL Voutspace Research Outpost
    Somewhere in the Akani Protectorate


    Taj contemplated the twenty-foot tree before him. He knew it for what it was - flora meant to live in the light of day, soaking up sunlight and suckling moisture from below via an expansive network of exploratory roots. A typical tree made atypical by it's present location deep underground in a windowless chamber meant for bottlenecking ...

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