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  1. an interesting week

    this last week has been...crazy to say the least. Last Thursday, I found myself in some different universe that I somehow entered while hunting a deer. as soon as I crossed into Kaerwyn I could feel something in the woods watching me so I took of to the nearest light source, it ended up being a tavern, this is where I first learned about what happened... let's just say I was in for a big surprise. That night I met Lindsey and Mungo it was a real shock to the system meeting a talking wolf man. Of ...
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  2. goals for Shayne

    1. reach Fegov Endai (completed)
    2. catch up with Lindsey
    3. get some more clothes (completed)
    4. learn more about Kaerwyn (completed)
    5. get a job (completed)
    6. explore the woods
    7. beat Pitch in a race

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  3. Shayne gets lost and enters Kaerwyn

    Shayne continues running after the deer "dammit I knew I should have shot it earlier!" he thought. Shayne continues running after the deer with an arrow notched in his polished black oak re-curve bow not paying much attention to his surroundings. suddenly the deer disappears right before him, Shayne not wanting his prey to get away, continued running until he reached the place he saw the deer last. once he arrives at the location Shayne looks down at the ground seeing the deer tracks that ...

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