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  1. A coffee shop

    A cacophony of voices echoes through the back of the man's mind; debating and weighing a number of choices. It was still odd to hear the question of what to do with the humans - he had, until a few years ago, counted himself among them. And he would often advocate on their behalf due to this; few of them had the cybernetics necessary to participate in this discussion - and even of those who did, they were forced to throw their whole mind at the task, when they conversed. To Prescott and the others ...
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  2. Who Am I?

    Who am I?

    The answer seems simple. I'm Lindsey Kelsey Stelzer.

    But...who IS Lindsey Kelsey Stelzer?

    ANd that's where I'm having trouble.

    See, I'm a lot of things. I'm all of them, none of them, somewhere in between. At some times I take a role that's needed at the time. While I couldn't list them all here...

    I'm Lindsey, the store clerk. And I'm Lindsey, the trainee META asset. I'm also Lindsey, Kaerwyn's big sister. Lindsey, ...
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  3. (01) Pre-session thought organization or w/e

    It's tuesday. Right now, I'm standing on the surface of a dwarf planet located 18 light hours away from earth, in a different universe, in a body I struggle to see as mine and about to have yet another session with Fulton. It should feel alien, but after three years on Kaerwyn and a week here? It almost is calming to be this devoid of problems, if just for the nick of time I stay out here.

    So far, I'm glad to say nothing bad happened. In fact, I'm glad I can be somewhere I'm useful ...
  4. (02) You are (not) alone.

    Caius laid on his back, far deeper into the night than would be okay for him on a weekday or, to be honest, at all. He knew how it went, he'd repeat the lower decks until either finishing the game or until the blinking red lights at the side of the console determined it was the time to face his own thoughts, but tonight he felt rather ambitious as his dark claws caressed the battered device's buttons. Jack making irocani crayon in Siege Slug, Rich walking /him/ of all people through King of Dragons ...
  5. I Make More Words

    This jurnal of Pitch.

    Many strange things happen last few days. Gods give things to people. Powerful magic things. Some change others into different things. At first, I excited. Make many wolfs! More friends, more males too.

    Then friends say making wolfs not make real wolfs. Rob people of self. That not what I want. Never deny self. Not make me good to change others just for me. I let lonly and excitement make mind bad. Make selfish. I act like selfish human. Terrible. ...
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