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Blog entries about things that are not "In Character" related.

  1. My Mindset, Views on RP, What I Learned and the Plots.

    The reason I post this here is, that my view of the plot and my current situation and role-play situation are all kinda tied up together and well… I want to put it somewhere.

    I don’t really know where to put this tho, as Jakk wrote that she didn’t want to have any feedback to the plot yet, but I wanted to post my opinion about the plot somewhere and generally a few words about my relation to - well - myself and role-play. Maybe some off you have some advice or maybe it helps ...
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  2. Character Projects

    • Find out more about his Wildtouched Heritage
    • Rescue Rotas
    • Form the Band

    • Find a Book of Vile Darkness
    • Reassemble the Skeleton
    • Destroy the Skeleton
    • Regain powers
    • Gain prestige in Fegov

    • Continue her education
    • META subplot
    • Rescue Emm
    • Get K-Mart stabilized

    • Help Ernest and Caius
    • Make more same-age friends
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