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  1. Mind-numbing wandering in the heat ... Looking for Crap ... Finding it.

    Another excerpt from Culrik's "Filth Column" auto-journal. Publishing considered, but mostly dismissed.


    The owner of the first apartment on my kill list had said that I could have a look at it whenever I wanted to, and naturally, I’d planned to take advantage of that as much as God would let me. God (or some dragon-version of God. I don’t know how this works on here) had done the deed of ...
  2. Crash landing ... Lead fume poisoning .. Podunk Crapshot New York

    First excerpt from Culrik's "Filth Column" auto-journal. Publishing not yet considered.


    I was somewhere between the barstool and the edge of the dancefloor when the dizziness began to take hold. A mediocre Top-100 boogie rock song was playing from the speakers. Most of it was the man repeating "you ain't seen nothing yet", though I suppose that there was something between the repetitions, but it was mostly sappy love song ...
  3. Sweethearts

    Shawley was tired. She'd spent a lot of the days working between Arcadian construction and Bhasir woodworks, taking in as much as she could learn. Her somewhat vague goal was to build for the mine, to support Hugon and Carl, to feel almost irreplaceable. This was a remnant of teachings from her ship, where every individual was unique and important, but none so special that they couldn't be replaced.

    The Geroo leant up against Carl, her black fur almost invisible in the late evening ...
  4. Terrible Character Idea's turned into concepts (TCITIC) - Part 1 - Azura

    Alright, as promised, here’s a short blog about how I turn shitty ideas into worse characters.

    The process with Humphrey unfortunately was somewhere in Fall 2020, so I can’t quite remember my thoughts there, but while Humphrey was waiting for approval I continued working on my next Character, well knowing how long those things take given my ‘English’.

    Her working Name is Azura, but she isn’t posted yet. As I want to avoid flooding the forum, I shall wait until ...

    Updated 02-17-2021 at 09:33 PM by Hydra/Marius

  5. You're gonna die!

    Jakkal's character exercise got me thinking.

    I personally ascribe to a more cinematic view of PCs; I don't particularly like them dying Just Because, so read this in that frame. We've built stories around them, and they're main characters at least to their respective muns, and in my writing main characters don't go out like random punks.

    Lindsey: While I'm not particularly comfortable filling this out, I'll do so for the sake of completeness. Lindsey is actually relatively ...
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