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  1. Character Goals

    Here's some goals for each of my chars to be working towards.


    Short Term Find some new forms.
    Medium Term Get into space more.
    Long Term Decide how to use her powers.


    Short Term Finish final exams
    Medium Term Find out why he's a shifter.
    Long Term Figure out what he's doing with his life.


    Short Term Clean up the mess he made last year.
    Medium Term Get ...
  2. Character Traits, part 4

    So here's what I've got so far:


    Honorable: Nathan tries to act with honor, as per his patron and personal beliefs.
    Oathbound: Can't break a deal if it's being kept by the other side.
    Atoner: Nathan knows he's fucked up in the past and is working to do what he can to atone for it.
    Polite: Nathan is generally polite and professional.


    Night or Day: If Richard considers you a true friend, he will move heaven ...

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  3. Character Traits, part 3

    So let's go back to Richard.

    Richard has a bit of a shell, and isn't always willing to get in everyone's problems. He doesn't like to necessarily put skin in the game. If it's a smaller favor, though, that he'll often do. For example, he was willing to do small favors for various assorted characters that either were easy, or had little risk to him, such as storing things from Jeremiah's apartment for several months.

    That said, if you manage to get past his shell, ...
  4. Character Traits, part 2

    So in this entry, I figure we should give more flavor to Richard and Thenyr. So let's do that.

    Richard is distanced from a lot of events, and tends to make deep connections or very shallow ones; there's not a lot of in-between. He wants to help people, he wants to be himself and not have to hide who he is, and he's more consistently portrayed as a char more than anyone but Lindsey. I'm honestly kind of happy where he is for now...but there's always some room for improvement. Once ...
  5. Character Traits, part 1.

    So I'm renewing my efforts to improve my RP, and I intend to use this blog to chronicle my progress and work on it.

    One thing I'm going to try and do is set out traits for my characters. I totally stole the idea from video games, but I think it'll help me with setting a guideline for how my characters should behave in various situations. Many people have previously said that Lindsey is my best character, and most consistently portrayed. Using this as a baseline, I need to figure ...
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