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  1. Quinos Lexicon (WIP)

    Quinos (Keen-os) - Equine-like, anthro, odd-toed ungulates. They have three toes on their feet (one primary and two supporting toes on either side). Five fingers on each hand sport a hoof-like tip that has a soft, sensitive, and pliable under-flesh pad-like section on the bottom. Tails are a bit shorter, due to their upright walking ability. Normally males sport a short pair of horns. The base is located above the eyes, and closer to the ears.

    They come in a variety of races (think ...
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  2. Day 1

    ((OOC Story ))

    That night, after Naesha's first arrival....

    Naesha sat on the edge of the bed in her temporary upper room of the tavern. Beside her lay the open pouches and tools that came through on her person. Her basket was left outside, just inside the woods across the path from the tavern. With delicate care, she rooted through her meager belongings. Not much was here. One did not carry one's entire possessions after all, especially when out gathering what seed ...
  3. Jalcena: A return from home

    Valaria... an adopted girl... technically.

    I'm not sure what to do. My avenues are closing off, my ass of a brother hates Val. Most of my friends don't like her either. I went to Bin, took up her offer that if I fell on hard times, she'd let me stay for a little bit... and the bitch was staring at us the whole time. We didn't steal a thing. I gave her gold, even... fuck.

    I was going to drop a bomb for Val. Her hand is still that dingo hand, I haven't found Endy yet either. ...
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