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  1. You're gonna die!

    Jakkal's character exercise got me thinking.

    I personally ascribe to a more cinematic view of PCs; I don't particularly like them dying Just Because, so read this in that frame. We've built stories around them, and they're main characters at least to their respective muns, and in my writing main characters don't go out like random punks.

    Lindsey: While I'm not particularly comfortable filling this out, I'll do so for the sake of completeness. Lindsey is actually relatively ...
  2. (03a) The Guest Programme.

    [The following is a transcription of the remains of a glass record labeled "Interview with (unintelligible). E.O.T. Guest Programme year one”, rescued from Aden's archives. The two people talking are Mikhail Sinnilar (age 71) and Mariana Aidichi (age 19).]

    -”Is that thing on?”

    “It is, Mr. Sinnilar”

    -“Good, let’s get this done, I doubt ya wanna hear an old man rumbling about the past, and, uh, it’s been ages since I went out. Hasn’t ...
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  3. Rufus: Rewritten

    (I've decided to create a new world and rewrite Rufus as a character. It's likely that he will still be a ball and chain character since I feel that is probably unavoidable when you are creating a character who is predominantly just a domesticated animal, but much of the ideas, especially his backstory and all, will fundamentally change. Since I want to put a bit more effort and care into this, I'm going to slowly develop the character sheet here on my blog and add to or change it as I develop ...
  4. wip character

    working on this character and it will take more than one day to complete and plan out the CS, so putting it here.


    Character Name:
    Lauri Heikkinen




    Phenotypical Age:
    late 30's

    Actual Character Age:

    Home Territory:
    Metsa 1300's


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  5. On Speculative Evolution

    So, a while back in the OOC there was interest in me writing a rudimentary guide on speculative evolution from at least a couple other players, because it might be helpful from a worldbuilding perspective. Here's what I've got. It's a little brief, but honestly the links are likely to be of more use to people than the advice I could give.

    Speculative evolution is the imagining of potential paths evolution can take--how life would evolve on a tidally locked planet or beneath ...
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