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  1. I Make Words

    **OOC Notes: Diary for Pitch, scrawled on sheets of paper that are in a messy pile in her shack on the farm. Difficult to read at first, as her spelling sucks, but gets better over time as she learns from others. Anyone who visits her home can easilly find the pages, if curious.**

    This jurnal of Pitch.

    I lonely, so get papers and rite words. Not very good, but maybe practis. Get better.

    Miss pack, miss wyr. Miss Moonrunner. His loss ...

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  2. Meanwhile, on Errux...

    RDL Voutspace Research Outpost
    Somewhere in the Akani Protectorate


    Taj contemplated the twenty-foot tree before him. He knew it for what it was - flora meant to live in the light of day, soaking up sunlight and suckling moisture from below via an expansive network of exploratory roots. A typical tree made atypical by it's present location deep underground in a windowless chamber meant for bottlenecking ...

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  3. Lycanthropy Journal

    I suppose I should start writing something about this experience, if for nothing else but to calm my own mind. I don't regret what happened to get me here; when you sign up for the Night Watch, peril's part of the entry fee, and nobody can expect to win every fight. What regrets I have at the moment mostly revolve around not getting involved sooner when the attack happened, and the risk that that put Ernest and Caius at. I promised to take care of them, and I came very close to failing that promise. ...
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  4. A daily walk - Baburrus

    Baburrus stepped down the street, holding his robe tightly. This wasn’t because he was cold - he could barely feel his body anyway - but as a show of defiance against the persistent thoughts in his head. He knew she was still in there, trying to manipulate his mind and enslave him. Frankly the thoughts and desires were embarrassing, and it took much of his focus to fully fight against them. But he needed money. Everyone needs money here. And to do that he needed to get a job. He pondered ...
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  5. Call to Battle - Trevis

    The creature paces next to one of the navigation consoles, testing the seals on a vacuum-rated combat suit. It fits snugly over his eight limbs, though the faceplate is open. They’re not in combat. Yet. Still, he’s uncomfortable. Not simply from the pre-combat jitters, but the ship is currently flying through an area of altered space-time, allowing it to move faster than the normal speed of causality in the universe. A nifty loophole someone had discovered hundreds of years ago. It had ...
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