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  1. 2022 Character Projects list

    This is a rolling list for me to keep track of my character projects. I'll add to it as I get them and strikethrough as completed.

    • Find out more about his Wildtouched Heritage
    • Rescue Rotas
    • Form the Band
    • Do the medical class
    • Excaliburd Baytown

    • Find a Book of Vile Darkness
    • Reassemble the Skeleton
    • Destroy the Skeleton
    • Regain powers

    • Continue her education
    • META subplot
    • Rescue Emm
    • Get K-Mart stabilized
    • Train

    Updated 01-21-2022 at 03:54 AM by Arrow

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  2. Who Am I?

    Who am I?

    The answer seems simple. I'm Lindsey Kelsey Stelzer.

    But...who IS Lindsey Kelsey Stelzer?

    ANd that's where I'm having trouble.

    See, I'm a lot of things. I'm all of them, none of them, somewhere in between. At some times I take a role that's needed at the time. While I couldn't list them all here...

    I'm Lindsey, the store clerk. And I'm Lindsey, the trainee META asset. I'm also Lindsey, Kaerwyn's big sister. Lindsey, ...
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