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  1. Character Projects

    • Find out more about his Wildtouched Heritage
    • Rescue Rotas
    • Form the Band

    • Find a Book of Vile Darkness
    • Reassemble the Skeleton
    • Destroy the Skeleton
    • Regain powers
    • Gain prestige in Fegov

    • Continue her education
    • META subplot
    • Rescue Emm
    • Get K-Mart stabilized

    • Help Ernest and Caius
    • Make more same-age friends
    OOC Stuff
  2. Lycanthropy Journal

    I suppose I should start writing something about this experience, if for nothing else but to calm my own mind. I don't regret what happened to get me here; when you sign up for the Night Watch, peril's part of the entry fee, and nobody can expect to win every fight. What regrets I have at the moment mostly revolve around not getting involved sooner when the attack happened, and the risk that that put Ernest and Caius at. I promised to take care of them, and I came very close to failing that promise. ...
    IC Stuff , Nathan's notes
  3. You're gonna die!

    Jakkal's character exercise got me thinking.

    I personally ascribe to a more cinematic view of PCs; I don't particularly like them dying Just Because, so read this in that frame. We've built stories around them, and they're main characters at least to their respective muns, and in my writing main characters don't go out like random punks.

    Lindsey: While I'm not particularly comfortable filling this out, I'll do so for the sake of completeness. Lindsey is actually relatively ...
  4. Kobi Wischmarine

    I have no intention of submitting this character at this time(it's not finished in the history portion) but I wanted somewhere to store it for now in case I circle back to it later.

    This was mostly created as a test for RT's new CSG. That said, comments are welcome.

    () Character name(s): Kobi Wischmarine
    () Nicknames: Kobi
    () Species: Buteo
    () Sex: male
    () Apparent Age: Young Adult
    () Actual Age: 24
    () Home Territory: ...

    Updated 01-11-2020 at 10:33 PM by Arrow

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  5. Character Goals

    Here's some goals for each of my chars to be working towards.


    Short Term Find some new forms.
    Medium Term Get into space more.
    Long Term Decide how to use her powers.


    Short Term Finish final exams
    Medium Term Find out why he's a shifter.
    Long Term Figure out what he's doing with his life.


    Short Term Clean up the mess he made last year.
    Medium Term Get ...
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