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  1. Pieces, Part One

    Clouds covered the stars and the new moon. It was far too dark a night even for the two fox spirits to be awake, but neither could sleep after what they'd heard had happened. Saroush sat on the ground, his tails curled around his haunches. His posture might've deceived Behrouz into thinking he was calm, but the other spirit could see the tension throughout his body.

    Behrouz, for his part, was pacing back and forth, hackles raised. The way he was going, he would be wearing a trail ...
  2. Martian Marten

    Anyone can freely reuse this, if they want to have a piece of popular media that isn't just an import from our Earth and shows up on multiple planes. Remix as necessary for your setting.

    A well known character starring in the eponymous comic books published by Sunscape Comics, Martian Marten was born as a normal marten (specifically, the beech marten, Martes foina) in the New Barcelona Biodome, on Mars in the year 2200. Mars, in this time, is beginning to have human ...

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  3. On Speculative Evolution

    So, a while back in the OOC there was interest in me writing a rudimentary guide on speculative evolution from at least a couple other players, because it might be helpful from a worldbuilding perspective. Here's what I've got. It's a little brief, but honestly the links are likely to be of more use to people than the advice I could give.

    Speculative evolution is the imagining of potential paths evolution can take--how life would evolve on a tidally locked planet or beneath ...

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  4. The Twenty

    Thought I'd post a little worldbuilding tidbit here, if anyone wants to read it. This the myth that explains how the acitan became sapient. It's a commonly told one in Wagi's universe.

    Those of the Chalibi tell it this way:

    In ancient times, before the gods, at the dawn of the acitan, the world was lush and verdant. Thousands of species thrived across the continents, and the acitan roamed across the planet. It was a time of good hunting. It would have ...