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Jalcena: A return from home

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Valaria... an adopted girl... technically.

I'm not sure what to do. My avenues are closing off, my ass of a brother hates Val. Most of my friends don't like her either. I went to Bin, took up her offer that if I fell on hard times, she'd let me stay for a little bit... and the bitch was staring at us the whole time. We didn't steal a thing. I gave her gold, even... fuck.

I was going to drop a bomb for Val. Her hand is still that dingo hand, I haven't found Endy yet either. Fuck this. Val's sixteen... I was working at 14. Marcus was working AND studying... sorta.

I haven't seen Val with any new material since she lost her book. She can go back to Mann'as... technically. I think she's worried that everyone's going to say she's cursed and hold her hand... I mean... everyone thought I was a demon... maybe I should go back to Opie?

Fuck this, fuck them... if Thenyr was thinking normally, I'd go to his god and see what I can do. But he's doing the whole conversion thing with Fril. Fril's some stupid bird... but he's disappeared, haven't seen him for a bit.

So... Val needs to do something. She's driving us up the wall... everybody. I need her to channel her excess energy. She won't help me out in the garden, she won't get a job, and... how the fuck is she going to study when she's this hyperactive? I'm starting to doubt she was ever a mage to begin with.

I mean... /I/ did magic when I was what, 12? 14? She's supposedly some super clever magician and all she does is draw shit. Runes.


I gotta get her to do stuff.