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Quinos Lexicon (WIP)

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Quinos (Keen-os) - Equine-like, anthro, odd-toed ungulates. They have three toes on their feet (one primary and two supporting toes on either side). Five fingers on each hand sport a hoof-like tip that has a soft, sensitive, and pliable under-flesh pad-like section on the bottom. Tails are a bit shorter, due to their upright walking ability. Normally males sport a short pair of horns. The base is located above the eyes, and closer to the ears.

They come in a variety of races (think horse breeds). They follow a oligarchy-based caste-like system of governance. Although their caste system is not as strict (a common granger may marry a noble), it is consider a great social taboo.

ali (ah-Lee) - male, adult.
mara (Mare-ah) - female, adult.

Sye (Siiigh) - Race of Quinos that are tall, broad-shouldered, massive of leg, and powerful. They are either grangers, shippers, or act as rangers in the infnatry of a noble's militia. They resemble Shire draft horses on Earth.

Dannan (dah-Nin) - Race of Quinos that are shorter, stockier, and more muscled a creature that is physically built for granger, mining, or the militia infantry. They resemble the smaller Sufflok Punch breed of draft horses on Earth.

Breyard (Bree-ard) - Race of Quinos that is tall and comes in two body types. Heavily muscled, powerful builds, and a lighter, faster variety that trades a powerful build for slightly longer legs. These are the first rank of nobles (Knights) within the Esquire Isles. Most who do not own their own land, serve in the local high lord's militia, or can be found within the High King's own personal guard. They resemble a Percheron on Earth.

Footnote: Count Tannith Everture is a Breyard. His service to the high king earned him additional title and lands.

Vannic (Vah-nick) - Race of Quinos that are mid-height between a Dannan and a Sye, but rounded in body type with a riot of double-thick hair in their manes, tails, and fetlocks. They come in a range of color, dappled, painted, solid, roans, and are a flamboyant (to outsiders) sort of people. They are traveling trades-folk, and have their own internal values and ways of behavior. This often puts them at odds with other races of Quinos they come across in their travels. Many are fine craftsmen - tanners, turners, sculptors, carvers, jewelers, etc...

granger (grAIn-ger) - farmer (one who sows grain, one who farms the land)

milchbeasts (mILLch-beests) - lesser ungulate, resembling a cross between a cow and a goat. They are about as docile as domestic cows. Breed and raised primarily for milk production, they are sometimes slaughtered for meat.

troatens (troo-AH-tans) - stocky, short-legged, reptiloids that vaguely resemble an ankylosaurs with no armor plating. Bred to be ridden or used to plow.

taktaks (TAK-taks) - Avains, very weak flight ability, live on the ground, lay eggs. They look like fancy chickens, but they have teeth-barbs, no face or neck feathers (aside from a fluffy crest grown during breeding season by males) and a single wing-claw. Generally docile. Primarily insectivorous but that offset their diet with some grain, and occasional meat (carrion).

dur (durh) - Reptilian-like, four legged, domesticated "pet". Many have been bred into various sub-groups/breeds for specific tasks. They take the place of dogs in Quinos society.

Priest-casters - Those chosen by the Mother to wield her gift of power. The priests act as Her voice, but the casters act as her hands and do her will.

Kellen (Kel-LIN) - Stag-like people. Also divided into races.
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