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Character Traits, part 1.

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So I'm renewing my efforts to improve my RP, and I intend to use this blog to chronicle my progress and work on it.

One thing I'm going to try and do is set out traits for my characters. I totally stole the idea from video games, but I think it'll help me with setting a guideline for how my characters should behave in various situations. Many people have previously said that Lindsey is my best character, and most consistently portrayed. Using this as a baseline, I need to figure out her traits.

Now, the most obvious trait Lindsey has is her stutter. What a lot of people don't realize is that Lindsey stutters situationally; she's nervous or afraid, so her tongue trips over herself. Unlike Richard, whose accent I sometimes forget to portray accurately, Lindsey not stuttering is nearly always a result of her conditions for stuttering not being met.

For another trait to start out with, let's go with Nathan. He's a sworn devout of a goddess of wisdom and honor. One thing that got him in trouble last year was him failing to run from someone who was causing him trouble. The thing was, Nathan didn't have a choice. He made a deal with the other individual, and they were holding up their end of the deal. So let's call this "Oathbound"; Nathan is required to follow through on any two-sided deal he makes, so long as the other individual is upholding their end of the bargain.

These are my initial thoughts on the matter. We'll see what happens next I sit down to write.
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