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Character Traits, part 2

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So in this entry, I figure we should give more flavor to Richard and Thenyr. So let's do that.

Richard is distanced from a lot of events, and tends to make deep connections or very shallow ones; there's not a lot of in-between. He wants to help people, he wants to be himself and not have to hide who he is, and he's more consistently portrayed as a char more than anyone but Lindsey. I'm honestly kind of happy where he is for now...but there's always some room for improvement. Once I think of where, I'll add it.

Thenyr, I need to keep his religion in mind more. It should be a guiding focus for him as a character; everything he does should come back to Faenya in some fashion. Pursuant of this, I'm going to lay down some more rules to his religion in the near future that I can use to guide his decisions.

This entry was a bit more boring than anticipated, but it gives me some goals to work with.
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