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Character Traits, part 3

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So let's go back to Richard.

Richard has a bit of a shell, and isn't always willing to get in everyone's problems. He doesn't like to necessarily put skin in the game. If it's a smaller favor, though, that he'll often do. For example, he was willing to do small favors for various assorted characters that either were easy, or had little risk to him, such as storing things from Jeremiah's apartment for several months.

That said, if you manage to get past his shell, he's willing to go the distance for you. Perhaps the best example is when Christoph was trapped as a fae during Faelloween; he let Christoph feed on him twice to keep him alive, and then he offered some things of massive personal significance to the fae as barter items. They declined, but it still shows he's willing to pull out the stops for people he considers true friends.

So Richard picks up "Distant" and "True Friend" as traits, and I'll keep that in the document I have open when I RP him.
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