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Character Traits, part 4

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So here's what I've got so far:


Honorable: Nathan tries to act with honor, as per his patron and personal beliefs.
Oathbound: Can't break a deal if it's being kept by the other side.
Atoner: Nathan knows he's fucked up in the past and is working to do what he can to atone for it.
Polite: Nathan is generally polite and professional.


Night or Day: If Richard considers you a true friend, he will move heaven and earth for you.
Adrenaline Junkie: Richard likes doing things that get his adrenaline pumping.
Northern Accent: Richard has an accent.
Distant: Richard has a hard time forming deep, intimate relationships. He's pretty good at surface, fleeting ones, though.


Stutter: Lindsey generally stutters under defined conditions.
Spacing Out: Lindsey loves talking about space, and will easily nerd out in the topic, and seeks more chances to go into space.
Sweet Tooth: Sugar, spice, and everything else sweet.
Friendly: Lindsey will generally be friendly with most people, even if she's nervous.
Rules of Acquisition: Lindsey likes trying to acquire samples of species she likes.
Xenocomfort: Lindsey is subconsciously more comfortable when she's not human.


Praise the Sun!: Thenyr is religious to a solar diety.
Claustrophobic: Thenyr is more on edge when he is unable to determine where the sky is.
Hydrophobic: Thenyr is afraid of being immersed in large quantities of water. Enough to totally submerge and drown him.


Never My Fault: James rarely if ever blames himself.
Impulsive: James frequently fails to think his actions through.

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