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Kobi Wischmarine

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I have no intention of submitting this character at this time(it's not finished in the history portion) but I wanted somewhere to store it for now in case I circle back to it later.

This was mostly created as a test for RT's new CSG. That said, comments are welcome.

() Character name(s): Kobi Wischmarine
() Nicknames: Kobi
() Species: Buteo
() Sex: male
() Apparent Age: Young Adult
() Actual Age: 24
() Home Territory: Terra Buteo
() Height: 4'10"
() Weight: 120lbs
() Physical Build: Basketball player
() Physical Description: 4'10" anthro hawk, built with large chest. Slim frame overall. Does not look capable of flight(insufficient flight surfaces). Seems to wear nicer clothing.
() Personal Information, History, and Background: A political dissident banned from his homeworld for speaking against the powers-that-be in favor of planetary unification, his family's connections kept him out of jail but were unable to save him from exile.
() How They Arrived on Kaerwyn: Went to some of the better schools on his planet and graduated with honors. That said, up until recently he was never outside of his privilege bubble.
() Educational Background: Kobi was traveling through a spaceport on his 'escape' and made a wrong turn into a rift.
() Expanding Abilities: Light Creation is already at a very high level for his species and likely cannot be expanded.

() Supernatural Abilities:
  • Light creation
    Description of Ability:
    Kobi can activate the pigments in any of his feathers to create a glowing light effect, ranging from barely brighter than a candle flame(~1 lumen), to up to a brief(under a second) 10000 lumen burst. The duration of the light is inversely proportional to how bright it is.
    Feathers must be in contact with him(not previously removed) at time of activation. Once started, cannot be stopped. Feathers cannot be reused.
    The feather bleaches white and cannot be reused, and is gradually replaced over the next several weeks.

() Weaponry and Training:
  • Laser pistol
    Physical Description:
    A standard laser pistol from his world, intended primarily for self defense. Small, concealable, bordering on "hold out gun".

    25 shot exchangable power pack.
    Kobi learned marksmanship at the range, and was quite a good shot, but is less than experienced in actual combat.

() Special Skills:
  • Range marksman
    Description of Skill:
    Trained on the range to become a good shot
  • Reporter
    Description of Skill:
    Kobi can write in a professional manner, which was useful in his side hobby as a political dissident.

() Inventory:

  • Description of Item:

() Vehicles:
  • None

() G.O.D. Test Score: 25
() G.O.D. Test Report:

1. 2: Mundane Werecreature or Anthro
2. 0: Mortal with mundane protection
3. 1: Single non-human form
4. 0: Not an innate shifter
5. 1: Unskilled but able to fight to some degree
6. 2: Light technological weaponry
7. 0: Can at least run away
8. 0: Normal healing rate
9. 2: Minor magics
10. 4: None for minor magics, weak for major
11. 4: Master's Degree experience or equivalent education
12. 0: Nothing
13. 3: Average Willpower
14. 2: [2] Exceptional senses
15. 4: [3] Small ranged weapons x1 [1] Natural weapons
16. 0: None/Nothing
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Other potential ideas include a postapoc bird, a terminator style character, a Tiberium Wars era PC, a cyberpunk Asari, and a Megaman X Reploid.

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