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wip character

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working on this character and it will take more than one day to complete and plan out the CS, so putting it here.


Character Name:
Lauri Heikkinen




Phenotypical Age:
late 30's

Actual Character Age:

Home Territory:
Metsa 1300's


180 pounds

Physical Build:
musculare and average height for his race.

Physical Description:
Species description: Susrosnkyiikeri is a bipedal mammalian race that look like an anthro wolf in body shape and tail, but their heads look like a combination of a wolf's and a tiger's face. the markings are that of a tiger with reddish fur. Height ranges from 5' 8 to 7' 2 for males, 5' to 6' 5 for females. They have one feline eye and one canine like eye, with the feline eye being on the left for females and on the right for males.

Lauri's: A muscular Susrosnkyiiker of average height for one with graying fur on his stripes. He has yellow eyes, with a canine like eye on his left and a feline eye on his right. He has shoulder length ginger hair tied into braids with beads and wolf like ears on his face with a tiger's face but a wolf's nose.

He has a muscular torso, and a muscular left arm with an intricately engraved brass cuff on it. His right arm is down to the bone with extra sharp claws on it and yet still has movement and use.

He wears a white long sleeve shirt with a light blue vest on top and a pair of just longer than knee length pants.
Personal Information, History, Background:

Educational Background:

How He/She/It Arrived on Kaerwyn:

() Supernatural Abilities
  • None.

() Weaponry and Training
  • None.

() Special Skills
  • None.

() Inventory
  • None.

() Vehicle
  • None.

() G.O.D. Test Score: 6
1 )0 Humans and Humanoids
2 )0 Mortal with mundane protection
3 )0 Humanoid
4 )0 Not an innate shifter
5 )0 Completely unskilled/unable to fight
6 )0 Unarmed and/or improvised weaponry
7 )0 Can at least run away
8 )0 Normal healing rate
9 )0 No magical ability
10 )0 No magic abilities, or severe penalties
11 )3 College experience or equivalent education
12 )0 Nothing
13 )3 Average Willpower
14 )0 Nothing
15 )0 Nothing
16 )0 Nothing
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