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You're gonna die!

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Jakkal's character exercise got me thinking.

I personally ascribe to a more cinematic view of PCs; I don't particularly like them dying Just Because, so read this in that frame. We've built stories around them, and they're main characters at least to their respective muns, and in my writing main characters don't go out like random punks.

Lindsey: While I'm not particularly comfortable filling this out, I'll do so for the sake of completeness. Lindsey is actually relatively unskilled for being someone who has lived so long (8 years!) on Kaerwyn, and while she's got some things that keep her from being easy prey, particularly her 'rebirth' ability, they pose no protection from the elements or many forms of accident. If I had to write her off, I'd most likely do it by a natural disaster, particularly fire, since she has a phobia of uncontrolled flames and she doesn't think very clearly around them. She probably would be too afraid to sacrifice herself for others. Overall, I view her as most likely perishing in a natural disaster or accident, or as a result of her lack of preparedness for when Shit Gets Real.

Nathan: Nathan worked as a realmwalker, and now for the Night Watch. Neither is what one would consider a safe occupation, and he's canonically established that he'll put other's safety before his in play, particularly in The Snare and the Orbock plot, so I would rate him as the self sacrificing type, particularly as he serves a goddess of honor, and self sacrifice is very, very honorable, even if he feels Athene herself falls a bit in this area. As such, I view the most likely ways he'd go out would be being attacked by a monster or another citizen, particularly when breaking up a fight or trying to protect people. This also counts as a work hazard for him. Honestly, in the context of protecting others, nearly anything on this list would fit him. He'd try to save people during a disaster, forgo his own food for those more needy, and has patched himself up at home before to avoid taxing the hospital. That said, I'd say his most likely cause of death would be hostile action.

Richard works as an EMT and feels a call to heal people. He's not a combatant and is less likely to get involved in a direct fight (though he has a few times when the chips were down), but I view his most likely way of buying the farm would be to do something reckless in his attempt to help someone else. A natural disaster would be particularly apt, as would any magical accident. Because he can shift, and has been hunting for a few years as a hobby, I'd view him less likely to die of starvation or exposure immediately, though he couldn't sustain himself hunting for an extended period. He also works at the mine on Kaerwyn, which is not particularly safe, so a cave in or other accident could claim him. He's also willing to move heaven and earth for his True Friends, and one of them asking him to bite off more than he can chew could cost him.

Thenyr: Thenyr would not last long against prolonged hostile elements, as he is not a ranger nor does he have much in the way of skills for building shelter and such. He's too cowardly (though he wants to fix this) to be particularly likely to die from hostile action, unless he was unable to escape or he miscalculated the threat badly. Natural disasters, particularly a fall from height while flying, would be perilous to him, and would probably be most cinematic for him since he's both somewhat claustrophobic and doesn't want to be drowned again either. Due to his cowardice, he's unlikely to sacrifice himself for others except in a feat of reckless bravado trying to prove himself.

Kawheek: In some ways, I'm surprised Kawheek made it out of Kaerwyn alive, given how many times he offered to die for someone else's sake. A fall or freak accident, or prolonged hostile action would be the most likely way to take him out. He'd definitely sacrifice himself for others, not that anyone's ever taken him up on it; his canonical death scene in my writings directly involves it. I could also see injury claiming him, as he'd put others ahead of himself to the point that a treatable issue might become fatal to him.

Faenya: How do you intend to kill a goddess? Assuming her immortality wasn't nullified in some way, the only realistic way to do so would be by freak magical accident or by prolonged hostile action in a symbolically dangerous way, such as against the sun, her followers, or some form of attack on her source of power. The Earthmother of the Moonshae isles might be the controlling precedent here, but as Faenya doesn't have Moonwells in the same way the Earthmother did, that may not scan the same way. More practically, she could be depowered or imprisoned in order to render the principle of death somewhat moot.

Melody: Sharing a number of traits with Lindsey and Richard, she's probably not going to sacrifice herself to save others. She'd have a lot of the shifting advantages Richard has, but she's still ill-equipped for a prolonged bout of bad luck or rough experiences on Kaerwyn, being an artist above all. Falling, exposure, hostile action... they'd all be fairly dangerous to her.
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