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I Make Words

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**OOC Notes: Diary for Pitch, scrawled on sheets of paper that are in a messy pile in her shack on the farm. Difficult to read at first, as her spelling sucks, but gets better over time as she learns from others. Anyone who visits her home can easilly find the pages, if curious.**

This jurnal of Pitch.

I lonely, so get papers and rite words. Not very good, but maybe practis. Get better.

Miss pack, miss wyr. Miss Moonrunner. His loss hurt still. Like hole in self. Like piece rip away. He never coming back. Even if had chance, would not bring from death. Only Vast do that. Bad magic.

Wagi good pack brother. He assitan, cat. But good brother, good friend. Once thought we be mates. Not happen. He say not stay with one person. Can not be wyr mate. It take long time, but now understand. Not be mad, accept pack brother.

Still lonely. No wolfs here. At least, no proper wolfs. Except werewolfs. I see one earlier. So handsome. Big, strong, fierce. Vishus fighter. Perfect mate. I try mateing offer. Fight good. Then he reject me. Tear bad sholder. Now sholder very bad, and I very sad.

Good news, I not infected with werewolf sickness. Not take nasty injectshon from magic human or hospital. I immune from infection! Safe to try other werewolfs one day. Only bad thing, werewolfs only strong wolf during full moon. Is not ideal. Better than no wolfs, tho.

Maybe I find willing werewolf. Make mate. Keep from hurting town. Find way to keep fierce feral wolf more often. Or for good.

I so lonely.

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