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I Make More Words

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This jurnal of Pitch.

Many strange things happen last few days. Gods give things to people. Powerful magic things. Some change others into different things. At first, I excited. Make many wolfs! More friends, more males too.

Then friends say making wolfs not make real wolfs. Rob people of self. That not what I want. Never deny self. Not make me good to change others just for me. I let lonly and excitement make mind bad. Make selfish. I act like selfish human. Terrible.

Have friends. Not wyr or wolfs, but good people. I so fixated on mates. Maybe season time? Maybe miss pack familly. I not know.

I learn non wyr good for mateing. They call it sex. Is fun. Strange. But fun. I not do a lot. Something always missing. Like.. hole in self. Nice, but just not feel complete.

Had good time other night. I think? Too much coffee, make what human call drunk. And in mate mood. I not really regret, but not good all the time. Not drink coffee much, is not good. Make bad choices. Make others think wyr not good person.

Must learn to survive. Ignore loneliness. Must adapt. One day, I find place. I wait. However long. Keep strong. Keep trying.

Maybe spend more time with Callie werewolf friend. Might help. Good hunting with Wagi too. Remember good, not focus on empty. Is good to ignore.
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