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Martian Marten

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Anyone can freely reuse this, if they want to have a piece of popular media that isn't just an import from our Earth and shows up on multiple planes. Remix as necessary for your setting.

A well known character starring in the eponymous comic books published by Sunscape Comics, Martian Marten was born as a normal marten (specifically, the beech marten, Martes foina) in the New Barcelona Biodome, on Mars in the year 2200. Mars, in this time, is beginning to have human colonies, and the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (Spain's space agency) has established New Barcelona on the Hellas Planitia. It is a massive colony dozens of kilometers in radius with plans to expand to the entire impact basin, and holds a fully formed biosphere as well as the city of New Barcelona.

Unknown to humans, Mars was inhabited long ago by a technologically advanced species of semiaquatic tripedal crab-like beings of incredible resilience and physical prowess--and some remain. There is a vast underground ocean on Mars, the Sea Beneath the Soil, directly underneath New Barcelona. The Grey Martians, devolved relatives of the original Martians, are enraged by the incursion, and destroy New Barcelona's biodome, wiping out almost all life.

Martian Marten would have died, but at the same time as the Grey Martian assault, Martian Marten was investigating a fissure and so stumbled into the Archives of the Lost, an ancient Martian facility to preserve their species against the desiccation of the surface world. He is exposed to experimental genetic material and radiation, increasing his intelligence to Martian levels and infusing him with the proportional speed, strength, and resilience of a Martian. This enables him to survive the Grey Martian assault. Later, he is given a pair of cybernetic limbs that allow him to manipulate objects, though more recent incarnations of the character have discarded this in favor of telekinesis.

The plotline of the original Martian Marten series of comic books focused on Martian Marten assisting in repelling the Grey Martian assault on New Barcelona proper, and his assistance in leading the remaining inhabitants into the Sea Beneath the Soil to live on one of the islands in the ocean. Subsequent plotlines have mostly focused on relations between humanity and the Grey Martians, attempts to re-terraform Mars and restore the memory engrams in the Archives of the Lost, and the successful attempt by a faction of the Animal Liberation Front to expose large groups of wildlife to the radiation and genetic material that created Martian Marten in order to create a legal crisis in the United Kingdom.

This and subsequent attacks led to several spinoff series, featuring characters such as Venerean Viper, Saturnian Swamp Rabbit, and Plutonian Penguin. These have generally been less successful.

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