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Thread: Rifter Debt: Some Changes

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    Default Rifter Debt: Some Changes

    Okay, so we've had Rifter Debt for some time now, and we are going to do some changes to it, notably it takes characters a long time to pay it off. We'll be working on that and post changes later.

    I wanted to go ahead and make this one change known so players can work on it if they need/want to:

    Characters under rifter debt can lose their debt if they are snatched by Baytown and forced to go through a Baytown plot with at least one other character.

    This Baytown plot must have the characters go through some kind of ordeal, it can't be something as simple as a shopping trip, or they get stuck in a park for a few hours. It needs to be an actual plot and the characters need to come out of it as if they just went through some kind of issue or ordeal. It must be an ordeal that they solve as well, they can't just leave.

    These will need to be approved by the ops to make sure it meets the admittedly nebulous criteria. Just make it so characters entertain the dragons and /earn/ their rifter debt removal. But this at least gives the players a little more control over getting rid of their character's rifter debt.

    We'll solidify things more in the coming weeks.

    Note: If everyone starts using Baytown for rifter payments, we might need to rethink this a bit.

    Baytown rules and info:


    Will characters know about this?

    No. They aren't the ones setting up the plots, the players are.

    Will characters know they aren't under Rifter Debt anymore?
    Not until they visit the rifter again.
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