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    I'd like to remind everyone that we have a no-idling rule on the server. I've noticed some people have been idle upwards for 6+ hours when I connect.

    We understand that if no one else is on, you're not going to do anything to alter the idle timer.

    So here's a rule of thumb:

    1. If your timer says you're idle, but you're at your computer and can respond to any msgs in 10 minutes, you're safe.
    2. If your timer says you're idle, and you're afk or asleep, or doing anything that makes it so you can't respond within 10 minutes means an op is going to boot you.
    3. If your timer says you're idle in excess of 6 hours, we assume you left IRC on and are grossly idling, and an op will boot you. If you have any kind of reconnect set up after being booted, the ops will be forced to temp ban you so that your connection doesn't just return and start up. The ban is usually for 10 minutes.

    One thing IRC is notoriously bad for are people just idling on it. New people excitedly enter a room full of people and find out they're all idle, and there's actually no one there to talk to. We don't like that here. We want to make sure everyone in the channels are actually there, active, and can participate should something come up.

    If you are going to leave your computer and know you will be AFK for longer than 30 minutes, just do everyone a favor and disconnect.

    Thank you
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