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Thread: Rule Change: RP Etiquette

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    Default Rule Change: RP Etiquette

    I have modified Rule #1 under RP Etiquette per . Modification is in italics and yellow:

    1. Do not use, alter or manipulate other players***8217; property without their expressed permission. This includes character worlds, abilities, skills, etc.

    • A player cannot arbitrarily dictate the specifics of another player's creation without the permission of the player and possibly the Operators. For example, it is against the rules to declare that a healing potion made by another player's character will instead transform the drinker without the original player's permission.
    • If a player has retired from Kaerwyn you may use their remaining property only with op approval.
    • This includes using player's settings or plots for your own plots or character needs. It's one thing to ask and collaborate, but don't suggest or push players with their own property for the needs of yourself or others. If you have needs for your play, characters, or other people's characters, you should use your own settings, plots, and property.

    We encourage players to collaborate on ideas with plots, settings, and characters. We are not targeting this kind of collaboration.

    The problem occurs when a player decides to use someone else's setting, plots, intellectual property, etc for their own needs or the needs of their friends/others. We see this a lot, especially in op plots, where a player wants to hijack the plot for their own needs. As ops, we have no problem letting a player know that we can't do that for them. However, when the interaction is player to player, we find that sometimes players struggle to say no. And hijacking their plot for your own ends could very well ruin it for everyone involved. You've asked a player, who may have spent a lot of time working on a plot, to add in something that might not work or might not fit.

    If you have something that you need or want to do with a character, (even if it's not yours), you should custom craft a plot around it. If your settings are lacking, then you need to either create the proper setting, or collaborate with a WILLING participant.

    Do not assume that other people's settings exist for your exploitation.
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