This is just a reminder, especially now that we've essentially given away free shifting abilities, about how to /nick your character when they're in a different-from-normal state.

You should be using the character's normal name, (or a shortened version of it) with a pipe | and then the differentiation.

For example, for Endymion I use the following:

Endy|XH For when he's Xarax-hil.
Endymion|DW for when he's a dragonwolf.

Pun names are also acceptable as long as you can tell who the character is:

Huskymion for when Endy is a husky.

You should not be giving your character random, odd, completely different names for when they're just changing form. Those should only be used in very specific cases, usually for plots, where the character cannot be easily identified. In short, that requires an op's approval.

When you name your character all manner of weird names, you make it extremely difficult for the ops and other players to keep track of who is what and what is going on. And for the sake of the RP, we need to be able to keep up with what all is going on.

If you are using a name that is not identifiable, please change it at your earliest convenience. If you must change their name entirely for whatever reason, ask an op first.