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Thread: Calculating Rifter Fees

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    Default Calculating Rifter Fees

    After experimenting a few times with different payment systems (Tokens, Quests) we've found that a lot of these systems simply don't work very well in this type of RP. We then went back to the older gold-based system. The problem with this is that it doesn't slow down the characters at all, and let's be honest, people use the rifter more for gathering stuff than any other purpose (When it was created for plot or interaction purposes).

    The problem with so many trips:
    1. Players assume the ops see all the posts and replies as soon as they go up, but with so many posts we often miss them. That causes delays.
    2. We have to stop what we're doing and calculate the fees, which was using a somewhat loose system that worked well for items we could google, but not for things that didn't really exist.
    3. Rifter fees are supposed to show up as soon as the character returns. Since players weren't getting it, they assumed characters weren't getting it and had to keep going back 'to check'. This is not at all how it's supposed to work.
    4. Players never seem to know exactly what's being brought back until the characters finally return to Kaerwyn, thus giving us very little time to figure out what the cost should be.

    We have been working on a system to help alleviate this problem, and we've decided to put some of the responsibility on the players, not the ops, to calculate the fees. The new information is available on the Kaerwyn Wiki.

    So with the new changes:

    Rifter Debt:

    What happens when characters bring back or leave items offworld:
    • As soon as the characters return to Kaerwyn, they will be given their Rifter Fee (even if it takes time to get approved by the ops). If a player is wrong about their rifter fee calculation and an op has to adjust it, just play it off like the amount listed was the correct, revised amount the entire time. If anyone gives you trouble for this ICly or OOCly, please notify the ops.
    • Their item(s) will be in storage in the Rifter computer (Escrow). Items will be stuck in suspended animation while stored within the Rifter Computer. The payment is an 'all or nothing' system - in that characters must pay for the price of all items or they will not get any of the items.
    • Items in the Rifter computer will be deleted after a week if they are not paid for and removed. After which the characters will no longer be in debt. The week timer starts as soon as the ops approve the rift, items, and rifter fee.
    • They cannot use the Rifter at all until their debt is paid or the week has elapsed (That includes if other characters open the rift).
    • If they try to use the Rifter Computer, it will only display their Rifter Debt info (what they owe, what items they have in escrow, and how long their items have been in escrow.)
    • When you post on your Rifter Forum Thread, you need to put what items are being brought back in the main post with the calculated rifter fee. You can also reply with the same information, though you should reply at least to bump the post, just like you would for CS reviews and changes.

    Calculating Rifter Fees:

    Players are now responsible for calculating Rifter Fees. Ops will doublecheck and approve the fees. Upon Op approval, the week long timer starts. Fees are now based on the God Test Score (GTS) of the items being brought back.

    • Household Items and minor or common gadgets: God Test Score (GTS) x 10 = gold amount.
      • Any Item that has electronics, magic, other tech, or similar in it at all should at least be under this category, not the 'non charged' items.
      • Example 1: A character brings back a laptop, which has a GTS of 5. 5 x 10 = 50 gold.
      • Example 2: A character brings back a non-motorized bicycle, which has a GTS of 3. 3 x 10 = 30gold.

    • Weapons and Weapon Related Items: GTS x 20.
      • This includes ammo, accessories, or anything that functionally alters the weapon.
      • Example 1: A character brings back a handgun (GTS = 3) and a sword (GTS = 2). 5 x 20 = 100 gold

    • Vehicles: GTS x 100.
      • Example: A character brings in a pickup truck. (GTS = 10) 10 x 100 = 1000 gold

    • Please list items and value separately. If you are not sure what something should cost, set it at 10g. An op will let you know if it costs more, or nothing.
    • Op discretion: Ops are allowed to tack on fees for any situations that might not be defined here, outliers, or things that could be used outside of their scope and purpose.

    In general, the Rifter will not charge for the following items:

    • Personal Use Items, with no GT score, will not be taxed (This is like food, diapers, shampoo, toothpaste, clothing, etc)
    • Books and similar reading material, as long as they aren't sentient, magical, or technological. E-books and digital information brought on preapproved laptops, tablets, e-readers or similar are included in this ruling.

    Business Bulk Rate

    • Raw Materials can be brought to Kaerwyn in bulk supplies for businesses. These items do not go into Rifter Escrow. Characters can take these items to their businesses right away, but will be under the same penalties of Rifter Debt.
    • These items must be in bulk and cannot be used for significant personal use.

    Paying off Rifter Debt:

    • Rifter Debt will be paid with Kaerwyn gold.
    • Note: Players who try to bring in gold from offworld to make their characters rich or somehow cheat the rifter debt system find it will cost more in Kaerwyn gold than it's worth. You will also piss off the ops. It is recommended that you don't do that.

    The ops do reserve the right to alter this as we see fit or what best fits the needs of the site.

    This is retroactive for current or pending rifting trips so if you have a rifting trip right now that is waiting for rifter fees, please make the appropriate changes and an op will approve it.
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    In order to cut down on some of the frivolous supply run style rifting trips, we have implemented a 10g minimum rifter fee for anything that is brought back, regardless of where they fall on the chart for payment. If characters bring anything back from the rifter, it will cost them at least 10g. This is not an additional fee. You will calculate your rifter fees like you have been, but if it comes in under 10g, you have to bump it to 10g. If the normal calculations come in over 10g, then you don't need to do anything extra.
    The door sign said "Everything you need to be a hero". Many opened it, but backed away when they saw no equipment, only horrible situations.

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