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Thread: An Explanation of Planes

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    Default An Explanation of Planes

    Recently we've had a few players ask us about "planes" and in the past this has come up because depending on how you intend to use it, it could break Kaerwyn's setting. So we would like to take a moment to clarify.

    In the Kaerwyn setting, 'planes' are the containers of reality that universes occupy. If you're using our definition of planar travel, only Kaerwyn rifts (And op approved similarities) can traverse Kaerwyn planes.

    If you are wanting to set up your universe so that it has planes like in other media or RPGs, you are allowed to. HOWEVER, they must be contained entirely within that universe. Passage to and from these spaces cannot traverse multiple universes. (It's okay for your NPCs to think they do, though). These spaces and the creatures from them cannot traverse outside of the universe you've set them in.

    So planes that are 'out of phase' or are a 'shadow version of their setting' or 'another spacial dimension within the same universe' or actually just a planet elsewhere in the universe that people fast travel to and fro are all acceptable as long as they follow the no-traversing universes rule.

    As far as popular media goes:

    The "Upside Down" from Stranger Things
    Sakaar from Thor: Ragnarok
    The "Subspace Sinkhole" from Star Trek Voyager's Episode "Gravity"

    Not Acceptable:
    The Portals from Sliders
    The Mirror Universe from Star Trek
    "Into the Spiderverse" portal.
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