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Thread: Kaerwyn Winter Mode

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    Default Kaerwyn Winter Mode

    Starting Monday, Dec 2nd, 2019, the Fegov area will experience winter like conditions. The normal weather in the area is actually predicting up to 10" of snow in the NC Mountains, which is what we use to determine Kaerwyn's weather on a day to day basis.

    We are going to take that one step further and define the weather for the month of December. We'll be editing the ?? Status to reflect this.

    On Monday, a weather system will bring in snow, but it will be 4-6" (Approximately 10-15cm) and gather no more than 6" (15cm) no matter how much it snows. During the day, the temperature will be 25-30F (Approximately -4C to -1C) and at night it will be 20-25F (-7C to -4C). The snow will stick around until further stated.

    After Monday, Dec 2, You can still use the ?? Status to determine if it the weather is Clear, Cloudy, Foggy, or Snowing (If it says there is precipitation (such as rain), then it's snowing in Fegov)
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