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    Default Channel History

    We have recently upgraded our servers to the latest version of Unreal IRCD. There is one unique feature with this upgrade that I wanted to make everyone aware of, because it is extremely useful to us as RPers.

    Unreal 5 Channel History

    We have set this on all Fyre channels to keep a record of the last 15 lines posted within the last 20 minutes. So if you ping out, you will no longer need a repost from one of the players. It should show* automatically in your channel window.

    *Note that this only works in certain IRC clients.

    Here's what it looks like in use:

    [13:55] <Jakkal> go ahead and leave the OOC and I'll show you
    [13:55] <FyreWolf> Orange.
    [13:56] * Arrow ( Quit (Read error)
    [13:56] <Jakkal> Say bugaboo if you can see this when you rejoin.
    [13:56] * Arrow ( has joined #kaerwynooc
    [13:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Arrow
    [13:56] <Arrow> bugaboo
    And here's what it shows you after you leave and rejoin:

    [13:47] <Jakkal> ok I want to see it. Say some shit when I'm gone

    --I parted the channel here--

    [13:48] <Ringtail> Raccoons are better than wolves.
    [13:48] <Ringtail> Jakkal agrees.

    --I rejoined here--

    [13:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo Jakkal Jakkal
    mIRC shows it just before I joined. But RT posted those two lines while I was out of the channel.

    You do not need to register your channel in order to make use of this. If you want to set this up in your channels (For rifts, leaps, and personal things) you just need to type this (And you must have channel ops)

    /MODE #channel +H max-lines-to-record:max-time-to-record-in-minutes

    What this looks like for practical purposes:

    /mode #kaerwynooc +H 15:20

    That "H" is case sensitive by the way.

    This means it will show the last 15 lines posted within the last 20 minutes. You can adjust those lines and minute times as you see fit. The unreal page I linked to at the top of this post will have more specific information for you.
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