Just to let you guys know that we will be hosting our traditional October plot this year. This is to let you know that if you have any plans for your characters, you might want to try to get it done in September, or plan to wait through October. I cannot tell you much about the October plot, other than we're still working on it, but it will be mandatory at least in the fact that characters can't just ignore what's going on. Effects might be voluntary, but we're still working it out.

There will be a festival involved and I have seen some characters talking about making a festival, so please hold off on that, don't make plans for it. We're not trying to steal your thunder but this was part of our plot and now we're worried characters will want to try to make a festival before the festival (We'll see if we can work it in ICly so your characters can be part of the festival we're running).

So if you want to dodge this plot, now's the time for you to start thinking about leaps or rifting trips to get your characters offworld. This plot shouldn't be stress-inducing, but we can't predict how all characters will react to it.