This is in regards to rule #5 under Character Creation: All characters must be physically male, female or neutral-sexed.

This rule was originally created back in the very early days of Kaerwyn, probably around 2002/2003ish when people started to bring in hermaphroditic characters and then proceeded to hypersexualize them to the point that it made players very uncomfortable. In the current time, however, the rule appears to be extremely unfriendly to transgender or non-binary characters, and through extension, it might make it seem like we are trying to push away transgender people in general. This is why we have decided to change the rule to attack the issue that caused its creation, and not necessarily those who might fall under the original rule's wording. There's also been a lack of hypersexualized characters being submitted, so we don't feel this is a problem anymore.

Transgender characters have always been allowed on Kaerwyn (as well as players).

In response, this rule is being changed to: "We reserve the right to deny characters that are hypersexualized, as they tend to disrupt play. Kaerwyn is a PG-13 roleplaying environment."

Adjustments might need to be made in the future, but now we hope this stops the initial issue without making anyone feel left out, ostracized, or pushed away.

In addition, on the CSG, we have changed the "sex" field to "Gender" and changed the options to Male, Female, and Non-Binary. For non-binary, players can go into detail as to what that means for their character in the physical description field, or the background.