Just a warning to players that we do have a Big Plot incoming. This will affect all characters, though it might not affect all characters directly. It will affect the town and general playable area to some extent that cannot be ignored.

We are aiming to start this near the last week of Dec/First week of January. If you do not want to participate, you can have your character leave via the rifter before the plot starts. Now is the time to do your rifting plots/leaps if you do not want to participate in a big plot.

In addition, this will be a "Harvest Plot". For those of you unfamiliar with this, it means we're going to kill a significant portion of NPCs. If you wish to kill off any of your PCs, now is the chance for it.

Also this plot will offer the unique opportunity to bring back characters that have died on Kaerwyn. If you have been waiting for the ops to offer one of these plots, now is your time. Please contact an op if you wish to use this opportunity to bring back a dead character. (Remember they had to have died on Kaerwyn, not offworld).