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    I have just added spoiler tags to the forum, so now you can hide stuff that you want hidden from browsing, but can be seen by an intentional click.

    Please do not use this on CS's, as ops don't want to have to flip through your post trying to find details. However if you have things you want to talk about that you don't want people to see without intentionally opening it, you can use this code for that.

    The code is SPOILER and /SPOILER in [ ] tags

    Here is the spoiler tag in use:

    This is a spoiler!

    You have been spoiled.

    And no, you can't edit the "spoiler alert" text itself, there was no option for that.

    One downside: You can see the spoiled text in the "What's New?"/activity.php page. I'll have to look into that. For now, don't put your spoiler tags within the first few lines of your posts, that will bump it under the limit for the What's New preview text.

    Second downside: You can't just spoil a single word or part of a sentence or anything. It has to be a whole block, or it will cut it off.
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