Due to an agreement with New Annwn, in order to smooth over relations, New Annwn has sent over one of their best healers to assist Fegov in ways currently unavailable. They are aware that Fegov relies on conventional mortal healthcare which the Fae believe is substandard to what is required on Kaerwyn.

After some prodding by Neek, Riley has reluctantly agreed to allow the Fae Mender, Tymini Eveningrose, to begin working in the Hospital. Unfortunately, Riley does not get to decide who Tymini Eveningrose treats.

Tymini Eveningrose is a dryad and will specialize in nature based magics. She will be able to heal injuries and sicknesses using her special abilities. She will be front and center for the removal of curses that specifically cause injuries or afflicts a character in a debilitating, injurious, and/or harmful way. (As opposed to transformation curses, or ones make you narrate yourself. Tymini does not heal those types of curses.) Tymini will also try to take on patients who suffer in ways that conventional medicine available on Kaerwyn is unable to treat.

OOC Information: (This is not information your character has and do not spread it to your character)

Over the past while, we've been overly reliant on our two resident medical professionals* for replies to medical sign up sheets. This took a lot of time and effort by the op staff. So my main goals for this was to speed up the reply time, speed up the healing time on the characters, and add in some variety through side effects and weird treatments.

For now we will give the player a choice if their character gets Tymini to heal them. This may change in the future.

This is not retroactive, if your character is currently being treated for something, we cannot undo the treatment they've already received.

We have added a field to the Medical Treatment Form:
Doctor/Treatment Preference: This is for the player to fill out OOCly. You have two options: Conventional Medicine or Fae Magic. Conventional Medicine will not have any real side effects but will take longer to heal. Fae Magic will likely take less time to heal but will come with magical side effects. The character does not get the choice.
If you choose the Fae Magic, the ops will select 3 possible side effects for your character. These will be mostly random from a list but might also be based on your character's specific injury. You get to pick one for your character. You will then need to play on the side effect for the duration of the healing process. More information will be given to you on your Treatment Post.

The details and how this works out will very likely change over time as we start to figure out what's best for the RP. So what happens now might not be the same as what happens later. We reserve the right to make changes as we see fit, or to remove the Fae Mender if things don't work out.

*Thank you, by the way, to Oshay and Tlagaang for helping us with this.