The Realm of Kaerwyn has several people helping to maintain it and insure that your Role playing experience is enjoyable.

You can determine who these people are by their "op status" in channel. Those with an @ symbol before their names are the RP moderators and they're not only to help you but help maintain a level of control in regards to the role playing. They are to be considered Game Masters, but they will not direct you through a game. This is free form Role playing after all. They may have to stop play to resolve issues or conflicts.

You will notice several users on channel with a + before their name. These people have been around enough to have a general idea what is going on. Feel free to ask them if need be.

If you require assistance or wish to contact one of the admin these are the current senior members.

-=+ The Administration +=-

Jakkal (Lorelei, Endymion): Founder of the Realm, Keeper of the Website, Destroyer of Worlds, Maintainer of Mun Hell.

Ringtail (Neek, Niixa, Myron, Pendra): Site maintainer. Main programmer.

-=+ The Channel Operators +=-

LastHowl - Season - Shadowsmyst - Oshay


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