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Creating a Character in Kaerwyn

If you are new to Kaerwyn, welcome! Please be sure to read this section in its entirety before you start making your character as there are several things you will need to know before you make your first character. Reading this section and making your character with these guidelines in mind will help things go smoother. Please note there are special rules for your first character to try to make things as easy as possible as the character approval process in Kaerwyn is quite vigorous. If you haven't, you should also read the general rules of the RP and community standards so you are familiar with them.

If you have not yet gotten on the IRC for Kaerwyn yet, it would be good to do so while you are making your character, as there are many veterans and ops who can help you if you have questions. Just be sure to have read all the material below before you go on so you know what you can and can't do for your first character.

Creating a character requires a Character Sheet. You can get one from the following locations:

First Character Rules

New Players must submit for their first character one that conforms to the following:

  • No Experts in their field. (Nothing over a bachelor's or equivalent).
  • No Supernatural/Superhuman traits.
  • GOD test score must be 30 or under.
  • No Career Military/Officers/Commissioned characters (Characters can still be conscripted or enlisted).
  • No characters from Modern day Earth or has lived in the modern era (1960's-present day).

If you are importing a character, or considering importing a character, from a published setting, such as a known novel, video game, or even tabletop character, please be sure to read this Note on Characters from Published Settings

We advise that your first character be flexible and not something you are extremely beholden to. It is unlikely that a first character will make it through the approval process without some changes, some significant. If you are unwilling to change aspects of your previously created characters, in order to make it work within the Kaerwyn environment, it is probably not a good choice for your first Kaerwyn character. The more flexible the character, and how you feel about the character, the easier the approval process will be. If you are unwilling to make suggested changes, the character will be very difficult to approve.

If you have a character that's more powerful, magic, or has special abilities, save it for a later character after you understand more about how Kaerwyn works, and how powers, magical, and abilities are handled on Kaerwyn.

Quality of Writing Expectations

While we try not to be too draconian in the actual RP regarding things like spelling, we do have certain expectations around the writing in character sheets. We understand English may not be a first language to our players, or that you might be excited and in a hurry to get a character and jump into the fun. However, we do expect you to take at least enough time to polish your sheet up a bit before you submit it.

While we don't expect (or really want) a novel about your character's history, a character's history must still be comprehensive enough to make sense and account for the life of the character prior to their arrival in Kaerwyn. When your CS is reviewed, it will be judged based on how logical it is in terms of accounting for the abilities or skills you've given your character, in terms of general logical progression of events on the world, and the repercussions of key experiences that your character has had in their life, as well as the people they've had in their lives to lead them to the person they are now. A good guideline of length should be at least 3-4 paragraphs, each paragraph detailing significant and key events/relationships/triumphs/failures within key ages of their of their lives. The most common is: Childhood/Adolescence/Young Adult/Current events, one paragraph for each. Education specifics are detailed in a separate section, so you can focus more on their actual life in the history section.

We do expect you to put at least some effort into making your history readable in terms of proper punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar. Please make sure you use a word processor to spell check, and get a friend or one of the players if they are helping you to read it over before posting so any technical writing errors are caught early on, and don't hold up the approval/changes process.

The Character Sheet

For more indepth information, check out our Character Sheet Creation Guide.

To make your character, it is easiest to fill out a Character Sheet. The easiest way is to use the one on the website that you can fill out, and generates the proper code for your sheet. It is located here: [1].

Most if it is self explanatory, although a few sections should be noted:

  • Phenotypical Age vs Actual Character Age - This should only be different if for some reason the character's aging is retarded/sped up, or altered in some way. Otherwise it should be the same value.
  • Abilities - Abilities generally refer to arcane/magic/power type capabilities a character may have. Each one should have an entry. If this is your first character, you probably won't have any, so you won't have to worry about these.
  • Weapon/Training - Weapons and training is where you list the specifics on weapons a character is carrying and their training details with said weapon. This should include how long they've trained with it(or like it) and how proficient they are. This information should reflect how proficient a character is in combat with a particular weapon or hand to hand training they have received.
  • Skill - While you don't have to list everything your character knows, you should list key Skills that the character has. These are generally what could be considered a character's 'professional' skills or skills they've had some kind of training or practice with. These come into play when Ops are determining if a character should succeed or fail or a particular task or venture. These define what sort of things your character can offer in game. Characters should generally have between 3-6 skills of note depending on age. Characters 20 years and up should have one 'good' skill, and possibly 2 secondary skills at most. Characters may have one additional skill, or improve an existing skill level for every 10 years over 20. New characters should not generally exceed 6 skills total. Almost all characters are expected to know some form of language, and may know more than one. Language and Literacy skills may be listed for reference, but do not count towards the regular skill limit.
  • Item - Individual pieces of a character's equipment/possessions and what they do or their function.

The God Test

One of the more important and difficult things you will have to do for your character is the GOD Test. The GOD test measures a character's utility in play. The higher the score, the more 'useful' a character is considered in the game. If this is your first character, you will need to make sure your character is rated at 30 points or less. While there are a few case-by-case exceptions to the 30 point rule, generally only Veteran Players may make characters that are 30 or higher.

You can use the Character Sheet Generator to fill out your character's God Test.


When you are done filling out the character sheet, you will be submitting your character first to the Chaos Rift. Kaerwyn has a generally high character quality standard, and as a result characters go through a rigorous vetting process prior to being able to play.

Once posted to the Chaos Rift, your character sheet will be subjected to critique from your fellow players. You should expect that you will likely need to make several edits and changes, so its best that you be flexible and expect that you will need to make changes. It is generally expected that you will comply quickly to make changes requested of you for your character. If you want to discuss a particular piece of critique with the person who gave it, you are encouraged to do so, either through IRC or the forum to address their concerns and make adjustments that satisfy their concerns. Ideally you will have enough feedback to polish up the character sheet for approval.

Once you believe the sheet is ready, you may repost your sheet to the Wayside. At this point, the ops will look at your sheet and give further feedback/critique/changes, or give your character an approval. Kaerwyn uses a multiple approval system, which is detailed in the CS Review page. At this point, if you are getting critique from ops, the changes are not optional and you will be expected to make them without arguments.

This is arguably the most difficult, frustrating, and tedious part of the process and where most new players tend to stumble and stall. A few points to consider to make it as easy as possible:

  • Be Patient - Players are busy. The Ops are even more so. It takes time to review CSes properly, you may have to wait a bit to get feedback. Coming on IRC can help speed this process up and get more immediate feedback from players or Ops in the OOC. But you will need to be patient for people to review your sheet. Making it as polished as possible before you put it in front of people helps make this process go faster.
  • Be Prompt - When you are given changes or feedback, make sure you do the changes promptly, or immediately if possible so that you can make the most of the time you have people's attentions.
  • Be Thorough - Make sure you do all the changes requsted, not just some, and polish up any roughness to the sheet as much as you can on your own. Review other approved character sheets with similar features as yours, look at how they've handled the writing or descriptions for examples of what works and can be approved.
  • Do not pester the Ops - The ops are very busy. They will review your sheet, but they shouldn't be pestered to do it. Asking once is ok, but don't continually send messages, particularly if you haven't made all changes.
  • See it through - Many new players get frustrated when their character is highly critiqued or a lot of changes are requested. Instead of making the changes until the character is up to standard, they will simply discard the character and try to make another. While this might be okay in certain circumstances (such as a character concept in violation of the Mundane rule, or an unauthorized military character, etc), when people have spent time going through a character and trying to help you to get it working, it becomes a serious waste of time for them if you throw away all the work they've done to help you and start from scratch again. It is best to make sure, whatever character concept you submit, you are ready to see it through to playable status. If you submit too many concepts without actually working them to completion, you will find people will not want to review your submission and you will not get a character in.


Once your character has been approved as per the CS Review Procedure, your character will have a final review by an Op to make sure nothing was missed, and then will be moved into the Character Shindig. At this point your character is ready to begin their adventure in Kaerwyn. Congrats! There are just a few things you will need to do before you are ready to begin.

Making Your Grand Entrance

First, you may want to read our Role Playing Guide.

You should, by this time, have logged onto IRC at least a few times. Make sure you review the Lingo of the RP so you know what people are talking about. The first thing you will need to do is set up a "Quick Description" or "QD" on the bot, Fyrewolf. You will need to request "Voice" in the OOC in order to set up your quick description, which is a very short description of what your character looks like and a link to your character sheet. The format is as follows:

!define <name> <Species> <Gender> <Height> <Weight> <Other Visual Description> <Standard Gear/ Attire> ~ <CSLINK> ~ You can put additional, unnecessary info here.

Please note that the "~" represents a LINE BREAK. That means you can have multiple 'definitions' for a single entry. Keep the important first-look information on the first line. Put the CS link on the second line (To guarantee it doesn't get chopped) You can put additional stuff on the third line.

Once the QD is set up, you are ready to go. All new players are given a one time option to 'camera' (that is watch without playing) on some in progress play in order to get the hang of things. It is highly recommended you do this just prior to joining in active RP. Once you've done that, you are ready to jump in and get involved!