Dana Abadar

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Dana Abadar is an anthropomorphic Coati who has lived in Fegov Endai since 2009. She is married to Jerren Abadar.

Dana Abadar

Full Name:

Dana Abadar








Anthropomorphic Coati


5'4", 125 lbs.


Elderen, Mersea

Distinguishing Marks:

Reddish brown fur, black tail stripes.


Part-time butcher, babysitter

Controlled by:



Active NPC


Jerren Abadar (Husband)

Life before Kaerwyn

Dana Abadar was born 1236 CE in the small seaside village of Elderen. Her mother Kallin, dying in childbirth, had chosen the name to honor her own mother's memory. Her father, Destan raised her to follow in his footsteps, lacking other children, though he was often overly harsh, and critical of mistakes.

He took to drinking after Kallin's death. She really was the love of his life and after her death, the light kind of went out of his. He never said he blamed Dana. Not in words but it was in his actions. The quickness to anger. A tensed arm, and a held blow. No, he never hit her, but life was tense in the household. But he was her father, and she honoured him, as was appropriate. He passed along the knowledge of his trade as a butcher.

When Dana was fourteen, Destan Abadar died of a stroke. Her mother's brother came to take care of her for a while after that. Between the two of them, they were able to keep the family shop open, and keep them in money, but it was a near thing for a few years, and a few scant winters were had. She transitioned into adulthood, putting her life back together and staying with her uncle for a time. It wasn't until her 20th birthday that she rifted to Kaerwyn, and would eventually meet the love of her own life.

Life on Kaerwyn

Dana originally rifted into Kaerwyn in March of 2009. After adjusting to the shock of the situation, she decided to stay after reflecting on the generally increased standard of living, and the close friends she had made in town.

She met Jerren Mitskell following the Hurricane of 2009, when he rescued her out of the ruins of her apartment. During the reconstruction, they began seeing each other, and she proposed to him on New Year's Day, 2010. They subsequently moved into a house sold to them by friend who was leaving Kaerwyn, and were married March 21, 2010.

Dana and Jerren were separated starting August 22, 2011, when she was leaped offworld for six months. This being the case, she missed the destruction of the town by the Treasach. She spent this time on a world known as Vorenna, and over the course of the several months, struck up a friendship with Kairlin Denaris, a mage from that world who she helped escape the country of Lubeck.

Upon successfully escaping the country, she was returned to Kaerwyn to find the place pretty wrecked up, and in the process of reconstruction. It was some days before she and Jerren would be able to find each other in the insanity, but after doing so, committed themselves to the reconstruction process. They commissioned a house from the Erruxian Coalition forces, and when it was completed, moved in.

Currently, Dana works part-time at a butcher's shop, and part-time as a babysitter for a few local families. She continues to live with her husband Jerren, and though they cannot have children, have been considering adoption as a possible avenue to explore.