Digby Copperpaw

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Digby Copperpaw


"Being small, I see things from a different perspective."

Full Name:

Digby Copperpaw


Diggles Digs, Digger, Dustybutt






Feycorgi (corgyn)


3'0", 36 lbs



Distinguishing Marks:

None outside his coat markings, Red coat, with white stripe up the nose, and white paws and feet.


Former Rogue and thief, now business owner (tannery)



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A larger example of his race, standing at 3' tall, Digby appears as an anthropomorphic corgi in leather armor and a kilt. He has two large daggers strapped to his belt which to someone his size, functions as twin short swords. He sports typical Welsh Corgi markings and lacks a tail. His limbs are short, while his body is long, giving him a dwarfish appearance. He can fairly easily go on all fours as well as walk upright. He is always smiling and seems to be in good spirits. His large corgi ears are always twitching around energetically.

Biography before Kaerwyn

Digby was originally born in a city to a less fortunate family, and spent much of his childhood out on the street attempting to help earn money or forage (re: steal) food to help feed him and his eight siblings. He was the second to youngest, and learned a lot about how to be stealthy and steal things from his elder siblings. Slowly, as his siblings grew up and some found more lucrative employments, his family gained a bit more social status and Digby actually did get a chance to go to school a little bit. Unfortunately, you can take the dog out of the street, but you can't take the street out of the dog. Digby had a talent and love of finding valuable things and 'procuring' them, to the point where he actually got caught and jailed for some time for being a thief. While he was in prison he met a halfling, Devlyn the Swift, that mentored him for a time, and introduced him to a much more lucrative and challenging opportunity, ruin delving. After serving his time he joined up with an adventuring group with Devlyn that specialized in relieving ruins of precious treasures and pawning them at very good prices. Digby was hooked. The Fey corgi thrived on the excitement of travel, discovery, and acquiring shiny things. He received weapon training from the fighter of the group, and additional rogue training from Devlyn on lock picking, traps (finding and setting), how to sneak, be invisible, and get the hell out of the way. Over his travels he earned enough to both outfit himself in custom made leather armor, a custom kilt with pouches, two finely crafted short swords and a well made backpack which he keeps his adventuring supplies. He also has a pendant with a Celtic knot, and a leather tricorn hat.

Status on Kaerwyn

Digby is currently alive and well on Kaerwyn. He owns the CopperPaw Tannery, and runs it with his cranky brother, Otis.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Aside from his actual profession, Digby can be ridiculously cute. He's also an avid trapper and fisherman in his spare time. He's also a very upbeat and cheerful personality most of the time, if somewhat shady at times.

Originally he was a professional adventurer and thief, and has a knack for getting in and out of trouble. He's specifically good at getting away in tight spots, path finding, lock picking, tracking, outdoor survival, and relieving people from their valuables, either in going into their house or on their person. He's quite acrobatic, and being very small, he's hard to hit and gets in and out of places most large folks can't. He knows how to fight as well, using his short stature to his advantage against larger opponents.

Being small however, is a bit of a double edged sword. He's short, he's also not very heavy. As such he's not as sturdy and can't take the same kind of punishment a human or larger creature could. He cannot lift, carry, or use most human sized tools. Many things in architecture are a challenge to him, from getting up on a chair to using a human sized cup.

Character Interactions

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