Drahoslav Konstantin

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"Aim true, strike hot, and live."

Full Name:

Drahoslav Konstatin








Norne (human) Ebudan


5'10" / 220lbs, heavily muscular


Gaia(&copy Anima Beyond Fantasy)

Distinguishing Marks:

White hair, Or'inie (bluish tattoos on chest)


Master Smith, owner of Irons of Wulfgar



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A rough-looking man from a rough land, his exterior hides a simple and kind personality. He was trained as a Master Smith, from a clan of archers, and has lived what many on his world would consider a full life. Despite this, he soldiers on, dedicated to his adopted daughter and the driving passion that arises from strange dreams and sensations regarding his smithing work. He spends most of his time at the Irons of Wulfgar, his personal blacksmith shop.

Description (RP)

This broad man is covered in leathered and weathered tan skin, his white body hairs burnt off in random places from his work around the forge. Faded green eyes peer out beneath bushy snow-white brows, and his face is framed by a short coarse beard and short military haircut. A previously broken jaw and cheekbone has left a hollow on the right side of his face, while other injuries include the lose of the tips of his left pinky and ring finger, as well as his right middle toe from frostbite.

Drahoslav can typically be found wearing worn burlap pants and a stained white shirt-tunic, with dark leather boots. Over all this is his leather smithing apron and toolbelt. On his left arm he wears a thick leather bracer built into a tight glove, while his right hand has just the glove. Around his neck he wears the only piece of finery he allows himself, a carved bone locket with a tiny painting of his adopted daughter, Svana.

Biography before Kaerwyn (RP)

Amongst the clans of Goldar, the Uzuring were--with the exception of the twisted Skuling--the most difficult clan for a young child to be born into. Nomads in addition to the traditional Norne warrior focus, their's was not an easy life for children. Yet it was into this clan that Drahoslav Oregson found himself brought to life.

Born nearly three decades before the Fracturing of the Heavens tore the Empire asunder, Draho's life consisted entirely of survival. From birth he fought for every breath and sunrise, enduring the unforgiving nomadic lifestyle of the Uzuring. But it was not a life without benefit. From the moment he could stand on his own, a child's bow was placed in his hands with which he was to honor the clan's heritage as the best archers of Goldar. He trained himself tirelessly since, but the years would not come fast enough for him to be permitted a true bow to gain his place as a man.

As his 9th year of life came around, Draho began to manifest strange markings across his chest and stomach...patches of blued skin akin to bruises, but far more precise in their patterns. In addition, his dark brown hair began to whiten with alarming speed. Uncertain how to interpret such a sign and afraid of the intervention of the Inquisition, his family and closest kin began the long trek across Goldar to speak to the Ygnling high priest in Komerfest. However, they had the misfortune of becoming embroiled in one of the larger battles between the Baldisung and Thurizung clans. As the routed Baldisung fled, their wild horses and wilder riders barged right through the family, trampling many of them in the process. Thinking them to be Thurizung flankers, one of the Baldisung attacked them directly.

Unable to leave his family, Draho grabbed his uncle's longbow and struggled to draw it. When the attacker saw him, he could only laugh at the sight of the child trying so hard, and lept at him. Startled, Draho's adrenaline spiked, letting him nock that last few inches before releasing and piercing the man through the throat. When the dust settled, his killing of the man would earn him newfound respect from his clans and the title of Erling...all of which mattered little to him at this point in life, for the lose of his father and uncles.

Bloodied, ravaged and heartbroken at their loses, the remaining survivors continued to Komerfest. When they arrived, it appeared that the city was flooded with troops of the Fourth Lord of War awaiting deployment to a conflict in the region. They were lucky enough to find one of the priests in conversation with the army's blacksmith, an old and grizzled warrior of the Fehung. The smith and priest were old friends, and both took an interest in Draho's strange markings. While the priest believed them to be a sign of God, the smith believed he had seen similar markings in his travels and wondered if there was another explanation.

Whereas before his future would've been decided without his input, Draho found himself asked to make the decision: to present himself to the Church, or to seek out other answers on his own. In the end, his decision was made far easier by the offer of the smith, Elrik Konstantin, to apprentice with him and travel to all the lands the army was destined for. Combined with Draho's budding Ebudan thirst to know of his Sue'Aman, which seemed to be pulling him towards the smith. And so he said goodbye to his family...and in a week, Goldar.

Draho spent the next ten years with Elrik, smithing for the Lord of War's army as it traveled the lands of Hendell, Moth, Dwanholf, Phaion, Gabriel, and Helenia. His thirst for learning and fierce Norne drive allowed him to quickly learn all that Elrik had to teach him about smithing and forging; when it became obvious that this was the case, Elrik allowed him to apprentice also to the bower, knowing his clan's fame for archery. Elrik's fatherly attention grew on Draho, and when Elrik caught a wasting sickness while they were on deployment in Hendell, he asked the dying man to formally adopt him.

After the old man's death, Draho began to feel the pull of his Sue'Aman, and returned to Goldar. Having served with the Lord of War's army, he found himself now distrusted by man of his own people. Seeking solace, he found himself outside the borders of Nurern, his adopted father's hometown. Finding welcome, he settled down.

Eighteen years have passed since he arrived at Nurern and set up his smithery, and while a lot has changed, some hasn't. Eight years ago, at the Nurern Fair, he adopted a small girl child who had been left behind at the steps of the small church, whom he named Svana (5, now 13). Since then, she has grown to mimic her new father in many ways, assisting him around the smithery. While he's become very comfortable with this life, he's finally begun to gain hints as to what his Sue'Aman has been driving towards...Muspellheim, the lost city of Hvergerlmir. A people who, according to legend, had stolen the secrets of forging from the Gods.

But he can't just leave his daughter behind.

Status on Kaerwyn (RP)

Abilities and Weaknesses (RP)

As an Ebudan, Drahoslav is unique amongst the humans of Gaia in that he falls under the category of souls known as the Nephilim. These beings are believed to be reborn spirits of ancient mystical creatures long since banished beyond the Veil. Despite their otherworldly-seeming origin, it is extremely rare for them to become aware of their nature.

Sue'Aman: Every Ebudan Nephilim is born with a Sue'Aman, a higher purpose that they will always innately seek to accomplish. Most Ebudan Nephilim feel this drive as a passive force: dreams, visions, almost pavlovian reactions to related phenomena...such events become stronger the closer they are to achieving the Sue'Aman. Few ever realize what their Ebudan nature is, thinking the Sue'Aman's drive is fate, until they succeed. Their very existence is changed on an extraordinary scale if they do.
Or'inie: Reflections of the 'Marduk'--the mystical tattoos their original souls bore--the Or'inie are marks that appear upon their bodies as they grow. These reflections grant the Ebudan an extreme resistance to effects that attempt to change their memories or emotions.

Character Interactions (RP)