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1. What exactly is The Realm of Kaerwyn about?

This site is the main resource for the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) based Creative Group Writing Role Playing environment known as "The Realm of Kaerwyn." We RP on IRC in a chat room, writing our character's actions and dialogue in real-time, as we go along. If you need help with setting up your irc client, or getting connection information, please see our RP Guide.

2. What is Creative Group Writing Role Playing (CGWRP)?

It's basically how it sounds. This is not a hack'n'slash RP, nor is it combat oriented, or based on a bunch of stats. CGWRP is about immersing yourself in a story, either one we're running for everyone to enjoy, or for you to make little stories on your own. The point is that it's "group writing" so you're involved with other players at all times. This also means that Kaerwyn doesn't have a traditional GM. We usually allow people to freely decide their actions, and let logic dictate the consequences.

3. What am I allowed to do as far as character creation goes? Do I need to know a system like Pathfinder, GURPS, Vampire: The Masquerade or D&D?

We do not restrict characters based on systems, but by how well they mesh up with our expectations and our general rules. Most pre-created characters have difficulty being 'ported' to Kaerwyn. Many D&D and White Wolf characters are considered 'overpowered' or 'twinky' by Kaerwyn's standards. However, that doesn't mean you can't try. As long as your GTS is within the rule limits and your explanation is reasonable and logical, you'll make it in. (Of course that's often easier said than done).

4. I have a character from another RP/Story/Comic/etc. May I use them in Kaerwyn?

Yes, we don't mind if you use a character from your own creations, so long as they fit Kaerwyn's setting and rule standards. You are also allowed to submit characters from other popular media (Such as characters based on video game worlds, other comics, TV shows, etc). You are not allowed to play a named character from the media, such as Harry Potter, Locke Cole, Captain Picard, etc). Do keep in mind that Kaerwyn is copyright to Jakkal and she will not allow people to use it in their stories, comics, or anything else. If you are planning to use your RP in your stories, you should probably find somewhere else to RP.

5. How do I start playing? Do I need to talk to a channel op or have my CS preapproved? Do I need to register my character in some way?

All played characters (PCs) must have an approved Character Sheet (CS) on the forums. This means you need to go to the forums, read the information available there, pick up a CS, fill it out, and post it. You'll be required to take the GOD test and list your answers there as well. Please note that we do have First Character Rules for brand new players. We suggest you first post your characters in the Chaos Rift Forum so you can get help from the Kaerwyn playerbase in general. Then you can post it in the Wayside Forum to see if it makes the cut. Once your character is approved by the op staff, you can start playing immediately.

6. Am I allowed to watch the RP first, to see if I'd enjoy RPing here before I put the effort into a CS?

New or prospective players are allowed to watch a session one time to get a feel for the RP, so long as no players object. We do not allow players to watch the RP unless they are actively involved with the RP. We often compare the RP to a skating rink. Once you're in, you're in and involved. If you walk out on the rink, you'll ruin it for everyone else.

7. I Noticed you guys have a comic based on your RP, will my character be allowed in?

No. To put it simply, no. The characters currently in the comic are long standing friends of the artist, and she doesn't want to have to go to any extra effort adding new characters, nor does she want to spend her free time and effort drawing other people's characters for free. To be blunt, the answer is No. The comic and the RP are completely separate.

Jakkal does allow cameos of characters in the comic, but this would require that you pledge to her Patreon at the $10+ tier.

8. As a brand new player, once I get a mundane approved, are they allowed to grow? Can I start posting less mundane characters?

Mundanes are allowed and expected to grow. One of the parts of the CS is "Aspirations for your Character". That's basically where you list what you'd like to have happen to the character over time on Kaerwyn. The other players and ops will try to work with you to make this happen. Just do keep in mind that we still follow the logical flow - mundanes aren't going to instantly know magic. They aren't going to become shapeshifters with complete control. These skills take time to build. Once you've gotten your feet wet on Kaerwyn and you better understand the nature of the RP, you can post a more extraordinary character. This time usually takes about two weeks to a month, depending on the player. There is no hard/fast rule about when you can post a non-mundane.