Fegov Endai

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Fegov Endai is the name of the Town in Kaerwyn, where most players reside.

The town, by appearance looks normal, however, by experience it is quite extraordinary. It is an obvious mixture of the ingenuity of several different races, times, and technique. Many of the buildings have electricity and running water, but there is no obvious source of such power. Some buildings use crystals for energy storage, some use a mix of magic and technology. The town itself has different types of businesses and residents. It has a library, some restaurants and pubs, many apartment complexes, clothing stores, weapon stores and just about anything else you can think of. Technology, however, is rarely found for sale in any business, for it is rare and people tend to keep their hands.... paws... fins... etc on them.

There is very little to see outside of the town except for various untouched natural landscapes. If you walk about two miles away from town on the path to the south... you will find a small rustic tavern... just sitting in the middle of a clearing. Weird. The tavern is obviously old, but it looks like it's really well taken care of. The Tavern is where most of the characters will interact, it's a great starting point. The town uses Gold as Currency.


Fegov has had many interesting events in its history. As a result the town has changed over time and continues to change based on the actions of PC characters. It has suffered complete destruction several times, and been rebuilt, as well as suffering numerous invasions and troubles from the complete removal of its citizens (Snapback), to a long running werewolf problem which has been lessening in the last several years. As a result it has changed over time. PCs may affect the town, by building, creating businesses, and through the effects of plots. Many NPCs also inhabit the town in addition to the PCs. Veteran and OPs players may create NPCs or Temporary characters on the fly as necessary to facilitate or enhance play. Each has their own rules around their use and approval.

Notable landmarks

Prominent features of the town include the fountain and a river which runs through the town.

The Docks are on the west side of town and connect directly with the lake through a natural bay.

Surrounding Areas of Fegov Endai

There are several other areas that your character could happen upon. Surrounding the immediate area are large mountains, they look somewhat like the "Rockies" of the US plains. These mountains have beautiful views if your characters feel like hiking. There are also caves in these mountains, no telling what's there just waiting to be found. There are many open grassland areas near the lake, and the lake has some sandy "beach like" areas. Overall it's a beautiful landscape that many would consider a paradise. The playable area is known as the “Kaerwyn Caldera”. This is the area between the mountains and the lake. Beyond the mountains is mostly unexplored.

While the mountains are colored grey, they are much like the Appalachian mountains of the eastern US. (Mostly covered in Trees, few bald spots, but is rocky.) There are many mountain paths and caves to explore in the mountain areas. There are also some cliffs with wonderful views of Kaerwyn on the eastern side of the mountains. The lake, while it looks small, is actually the size of Lake Superior (One of the Great Lakes in the USA). What you see here is merely a "cape"

The forest is a temperate rainforest with a cool, mild climate. Snow does occur in the winter, with a high precipitation and moisture overall. More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appalachian_temperate_rainforest

Caldera Map