Getting Started

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If you're on this page, then you're probably new and we'd love to have you join our RP community. We realize the process for joining the RP is a little complex. We've put together some of the steps you should take in order to join the RP and make it easier.

Kaerwyn's Role Playing takes place on a real time chat known as Internet Relay Chat (IRC). In the Kaerwyn RP, you only write your dialogue and action for your characters, and you "play" with other characters through a chat room version of Improvisational Theatre. Though keep in mind that Kaerwyn is mixed genre, and is not considered a comedy. Please note that Kaerwyn is not like tabletop RP with stats and dice. You are using a chat room to communicate with other player characters (PCs) as if you are writing a story with those characters in real time.

First Things First

  1. Please read the rules.
  2. Read the Character Creation Guide
  3. Note the First Character Rules.
  4. Connect to Kaerwyn's IRC. We can help you in realtime if you come on IRC and ask for advice or help with character creation.
  5. Sign up on the Kaerwyn Forums.
  6. Additional Note: If you are coming over from the Kaerwyn Comic, please understand that the Comic and the RP are separate canonically. Things that happen in the comic have not happened in the RP and vice versa.

Creating the Character Sheet

Before you can do anything else, you need to have a character. Creating a character requires a Character Sheet (CS). You can get one from the following locations:

The Review Process:

  1. Post your CS into the Chaos Rift forum first. This is for general advice and criticism.
  2. General Review Process Information
  3. Understanding the Review and Critiques
  4. Make requested changes on the Character Sheet.
  5. Do not fight and argue with reviewers. Despite what people may believe, they are not here to make you miserable, bully you, or ruin your day. The changes they ask you to make are so that the character meshes with Kaerwyn better. If you insist on something being the way it is, please try to come to an agreement with your reviewers. Fighting and standing your ground will only serve to frustrate everyone involved. No one wants that.
  6. Do not pester people to review your CS. Sometimes the process takes a few days. The simpler your character, the quicker it will be approved. But please keep in mind that all reviewers are working adults or studying adults attending college/university. We can't jump on CS's as soon as they're posted.
  7. Once you feel like your character is ready for the Approval Process, then please repost the CS in a brand new thread in The Wayside forum.

Once your character is approved:

  1. Check out our Role Playing Guide.
  2. You are allowed to watch one session of the RP as long as every player involved gives permission.
  3. Create your Fyrewolf Quick Description. You will likely need to ask one of the Ops (@) to give you a voice (+v) in order to create the description.
  4. Coordinate with some of the other players, let them know in #kaerwynooc that you would like to debut your character. Often times the players will jump in with theirs to help yours out.
  5. Don't worry too much about mucking things up. Everyone has a rough start. Everyone. We're all here to help smooth out the transition, especially for those with little to no experience with chat room role playing.

If you have any questions:

  1. Post on the Kaerwyn Forums. You can start a new thread in the Mundane Trivialities forum if you need to.
  2. Ask on IRC. This will always be the quickest way to get an answer.
  3. Read up on the Local Lingo. Kaerwyn has a lot of Kaerwyn specific terminology. If you get confused, you can always look it up on the wiki.