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IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It is a very old and yet enduring type of internet communication medium. It may not have all the features of the latest versions of IM and Chat software, but it does a very good job as far as RPing goes with the ability to change names, create rooms when needed, save/protect names, save aliases and many other things.

Kaerwyn has used IRC as its primary software for RPing since 2001.

Kaerwyn IRC Network Information

Server List: Please note that unlike other IRC networks, Kaerwyn does require a password to connect

K-Net (Main server)
Ports: 6667-7000 +6697 (SSL)
Password: kpassword
Ports: 6667-7000 +6697 (SSL)
Password: kpassword
Ports: 6667-7000 +6697 (SSL)
Password: kpassword
Common Channels
(Channels are the "chat rooms" of IRC. All IRC channels start with #)
  • #kaerwynooc: This is the "Out of Character" (OOC) channel. This is the 'lobby' and the main room for hanging out. No RPing takes place in this channel. This is where you want to get to know other players and ask questions about creating your characters and such.
  • #therealmofkaerwyn: This is the main role playing channel. The setting of this channel is the Tavern.
  • #ktown: This is the main town channel. Generally public town based play should go in this channel. The setting for this channel can be anywhere in town, though it is most often used for the Fountain area, The Hellfire Roadhouse, or the Starbucks.
  • #ktown2: This is a secondary town channel. If you are playing private RP (That no one else can join without your permission), you should use this channel. This channel can also be used for public play if #ktown is not available.
  • #kwoods: This channel can be used for any setting on Kaerwyn outside of the town and tavern. This channel should be used for publicly accessible play.
  • #kwoods2: This channel can be used for any setting on Kaerwyn outside of the town and tavern. This channel can be used for publicly accessible play, but can also be used for private RP.
  • #gameroom: This channel is OOC in nature. Many players use it in order to define or view Quick Descriptions without spamming the OOC channel or to keep it hidden from other players.
  • #drawingboard: This channel is OOC in nature. You can use this channel to discuss plots with your fellow players. If you want op input, feel free to ask an op to join and give advice. (Assuming an op is available)

IRC Clients

We recommend using this list on wikipedia to find the right IRC Client for you.

Most of our players use mIRC for Windows.

Client Connection Guides

  • mIRC Connection Guide: mIRC (Download Here) is one of the most popular IRC clients for Windows operating systems. mIRC costs $20, but you can use it without paying for a few weeks, enough to find another client or decide if you want to buy it.
  • Mibbit - (Work in Progress)
  • AndroIRC Connection Guide
  • Others Here

Command Reference

IRC has a lot of commands that you can make use of. You can also create your own. Here are the most commonly used commands and recommended commands by the Kaerwyn Players.

If you would like a full list of commands, it is available online.

mIRC Supported Commands
Larger IRC command list
Commonly used Kaerwyn IRC Commands
(All commands on IRC start with /)
  • /nick This changes your nickname. You can change your nickname on the fly and immediately on IRC at any time.
  • /me This acts as an action for your character, written in third person. For example, if Jakkal typed "/me glances towards the doors." it will display on IRC as *Jakkal glances towards the doors.
  • /join #channelnamehere This will allow you to join the channel specified. When you are ready to join play, you can type /join #therealmofkaerwyn to join the tavern RP room.
  • /list This will bring up a window with all the visible channels available on the server. You can use this to see the channel topics and the number of people in them.
  • /msg OtherPlayersNameHere This sends a private message to the person specified.
  • /query OtherPlayersNameHere This opens a window for a private message conversation.
  • /part #channelnamehere OptionalMessageHere This allows you to leave the channel specified. Some irc clients allow you to /part in the channel window without the channel name.
  • /quit OptionalMessageHere This allows you to disconnect from the server without closing the irc client.
  • /ping NameHere This is useful to find out if you are suffering from any lag. If you /ping YourNameHere, it will tell you approximately how lagged you are to the server. If you use another person's name, it will show you how lagged they are to you.
  • /server ServerAddressHere PortHere Passwordhere This allows you to change servers quickly without setting up a server profile. Example: /server 6667 kpassword